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  1. Oooh, I really like the bulky folder in the last panel. It looks so solid and…bulky? and pagey! Yes.

  2. Now we know why mad rulers (or ruling classes, perhaps moreso) need boring little men as envoys.

  3. Ouch. Are we sure she’s not part fire-mage?

  4. Oh, the captain is not a happy camper. Oo

  5. Oooh I have a love/hate relationship with the lighting in this page! I love that it makes me feel uncomfortable, which probably sounds a little odd, but it’s as if I’m squinting in the bad light in her office, and then partially blinded by the lamp in that last panel. In fact, the more I look at that angle-poise lamp the more I love it…

  6. I freaking love that series of expressions.

  7. Incredible. Simply incredible.

    Your work is truly a pleasure to behold each and every page. I love the ’lived in’ level of detail in Samara’s office, because it really adds life and character to both her and the ship.

    Well done!

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