Aw yeah, check me out, updating bang on midnight, just like the good old days. Finally getting a hold of the horrific spiral downwards that is my time management, so the pages should be more punctual than they have been recently.

Elsewhere, fellow Rampage comic Garanos has just ended! Garanos was one of the first (and best) webcomics I started reading – I’m sure a lot of you are aware that the majority of webcomics don’t reach a proper end before collapsing in on themselves, so this is huge achievement on Alex’s part. Head over to her site and you can read the whole thing from start to finish.


Page 154

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  1. Peek, sneak… I so like him!

  2. I love the captain – character more and more. She has such an awesome, expressionful face.

  3. Good to hear about the time management thing! I’ve loved steampunk ever since I first played arcanum, and havent found much of it around in truth. Loving the way the story is /told/ and the story’s grittiness/realism (translates into more complex storylines, does political machinations) also having the protagonist a bit player and relatively unimportant for the time being, especially one outmaneuvered by /intelligent/ captors is made of awesome.

    1. Oh yes, going to check out Garanos too.

  4. Wow… Just, wow.
    Finally done re-reading the entire comic at 5:21 am when I have class 12:00 pm, which was enough to exagerate the proportions of my practicing schedule today. Not a smart move, yet mind blowing.
    I HONESTLY love this comic. It’s a so huge incentive on my own art, it always makes me want to practice more and more and more. Now I can’t stop drawing and I will obviously miss my classes today and now it’s 6:55 and the sun goes shinning and I still go drawing.
    For that, all that, I thank you. Awesome girl, keep the awesome work.
    Yours truly,

    1. I second that! This comic is single-handedly what got me interested in making my own comic – as of yet unstarted, but RMR makes my brain go happy crazy and the images just start flowing. I had no idea until RMR exactly how amazing webcomicking can be.

      1. :3 So good to have someone who can relate.
        Bro hug!

        1. Thanks, both of you. 🙂 This is probably the biggest reason I got into comics in the first place – the idea of being able to inspire someone else to draw, write and generally create is probably the one thing I aspire to most. You guys are awesome, and I hope you create something really cool! I’m so glad I was able to help in some small way.

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