Main Characters

An airship mechanic and perpetual grouch, Adrianna was drafted into the city-state of Ashul’s military after manifesting a small degree of magic. For reasons unknown, she abandoned the military not long after and has spent the last eight years deftly avoiding taking responsibility for her desertion.

Adrianna’s half-brother and an engineer within the Ashul military, Lethe joined the military of his own volition, unlike his sister, and is essentially a second-class citizen due to possessing no magical ability. Having long ago hit a glass ceiling as far as career prospects go, Adrianna’s desertion is a constant point of friction between the two. Lethe recently and unexpectedly fled Ashul, unwittingly leaving his sister to deal with the fallout.

Danil holds the rank of colonel within the Ashul military, and is a veteran of the war between Ashul and Imara. With a stalemate reached over a decade ago, he’s settled uncomfortably into a desk job in the city. Unpredictable and slightly eccentric, he seems to know something no one else does about Lethe’s motives and is intent on tracking him down by any means necessary.

Possessed of good breeding and many, many titles, Renshou is one of House Evadne’s most prominent members. As a councillor in Imara’s ruling circle, an accomplished diplomat, and an extremely powerful mage, she has a lot to lose should a certain scandal regarding her son’s parentage come to light.

Originally from the war-torn buffer zone of Rishara Caan, Galak was also drafted in to the Ashul military and has been steadily working his way up through the ranks. Formerly posted as one of many overseers to Ashul’s vast industrial information storage facilities, he was recently reassigned as an aide to Colonel Tal-Onatha following a security incident at one of the facilities.

Secondary Characters

Saiamar Ondila
Renshou’s husband and a displaced mage from Rishara Caan. His marriage to Renshou has placed him much higher within Imaran society than he could have ever managed alone, securing him a seat on the lower council.
Airin Evadne
Renshou’s son and ostensibly Saiamar’s as well, Airin displays a troubling lack of magical talent despite his parents’ standing as impressive mages.
A prominent member of Rishara Caan’s resistance movement, who are violently opposed to Ashul’s occupation of their territory. Distantly related to Galak, though he would never admit it.
Despite being silent, stoic, and often imposing, Bracken’s heart is usually in the right place. Also a member of the resistance along with Rhea, Bracken is well-versed in several different types of weaponry, including a newly-developed technology the Rishara Caanites are calling “guns”.

Samara Ost-Navarre
A colleague of Danil and one of the few people who can claim to be his peer, Samara holds the rank of captain within Ashul’s airship fleet, and commands the Sentinel.
Senna Ialana
One of Renshou’s fellow councillors, Senna has hinted maliciously towards having some sort of knowledge regarding Renshou and her son, but has yet to act on the matter.
Tani Dan-Marilar
A bright and competent mechanic who worked alongside Adrianna, and one of the few people who would willingly put up with her.