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  1. Saiamar is easily my fave character, I’m glad you didn’t kill him off. Loving everything about this comic, especially your unique style of colouring.

  2. Triarch is missing a part of his thumb? Yakuza-style?

    1. Er, well that wasn’t intentional. I think maybe his right thumb is just too long in comparison. I’ll add it to my ever-growing, ridiculously long list of fixes.

      1. No need to. It´s consistent. :))
        I just flipped through the pages, and on p12 his left thumb also looks a bit shorter. So while there it looked like hidden by the birds´ pecker, here it is revealed that he´s a Yakuza.
        So, where´s he hiding his Wakizashi? 🙂

  3. Looks like he’s accepting his situation … or is he?

  4. GAH THE FEELS. 🙁 Poor Saiamar.

  5. Ooof…you’re sure being hard on Saiamar.

  6. Oh god, the first panel! I seriously thought he was going to kill me. Great page.

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