Ha, and you thought something interesting was going to happen.

Still, hooray. New character and we’re finally in to double digits*. Also, don’t forget to vote! It’s a new month so TWC has reset, and it’s going maaaad – I’m hoping to stay in the top 200 once the dust settles. The incentive itself is a bunch of messy delightful sketches from the last week or so.

*Note: This was originally page 10.


Page 23

4 thoughts on “Page 23

  1. Well she appears to be immune to “Scream Queen” syndrome, still waiting to see if she lives.

  2. “What the hell?” Excellent response to someone behind you with a sword.

  3. Nice, not what I’d expected at all.

  4. Ahh, Adrianna, you never disappointed. From the very beginning, faced with your bro waving a sword at you, your reaction is just a cool “W.T.F?”.

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