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  1. “You ever feel like you’re being watched?”

  2. I think Bracken smelled her, that’s the only thing that can explain why he turned around so quickly.

    1. Bracken has a highly attuned sense of smell for those damn smelly mages.

      1. “Hm, what’s this scent… cabbagey, but baconey too… it must be an airmage with a fresh hand-burn across the face!”
        He is to smelly mages what James Bond is to Dom Perignon.

        And here I had thought he noticed the thunderbolt, the falling Adrianna, the crash of the window lattice, any of those really… then turned to see where it all came from 😉

  3. That’s the conundrum, isn’t it? If you do a good job at the complicated bits, no one will realize how difficult they were.

    It does look awesome, though. Great work. 😀

    1. Clearly I should just do it all wonky and wait for the comments to flood in. 🙂 And thanks!

  4. What did I tell you? Hand shaped second degree burns! EPICSAUCE!

  5. What did I tell you? Hand shaped second degree burns! EPICSAUCE!

  6. I can attest for how much she loved making this page.. It was her favorite page EVER. I say all pages should be like this in the future

  7. Fish-eye perspective – isn’t that what it’s called when the everything bends away from the viewer proportionally to the lateral distance from the focal point?
    Nicely done. And it definitely looks more simple than it is, heck, it’s difficult enough to even formulate it into words…

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