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  1. Gutted I cannot see these vote incentives, as I would totes vote for these.

  2. I’ll stop reading now. Nothing’s happened yet that would stick the reader to the story. Too much of vague dialogues, which do not even somehow connect the sceneries, are tiring somehow. Nice artwork though.

    1. Are you breaking up with me?

    2. It amuses me that someone named “reader” is stopping reading.
      It seems, I dunno, against the nature of the name or something…

      As for stopping in the middle of the normal introductory vagueness…das silly. Just cause it doesn’t start with a bang doesn’t mean anything. Meh, each their own I guess…

      1. Yeah really, this totally had enough energy and excitement for me. Some people just have really short attention spans and “Reader” is missing out on a great comic!

        1. I sincerely suspect ’Reader’ of being part of the genus “Homo Megatroglodytientis Secundus”, or in short, a second class Troll. Usually one would expect a troll to be less transparent in it’s attempts to troll, but the second class troll can be recognized on it’s lack of imagination in it’s trolling, simply anonymously stating “I think this suck” without giving a reason or giving suck a bad reason as to be laughable.

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