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  1. Jeez, I love Rhea. You do perpetually irritated characters so well.

    1. Haha, thanks! I guess I can empathise with them pretty easily, I’m a bit irritable IRL myself.

  2. The light here is perfect, and so is the atmosphere! (Literally.) But… Isn’t Rhea a bit too small in the last panel? Nah, the more I look at her, she seems ok. But she could finish her sentence and tell us where Bracken went, dammit!

    Also, I tried to ask you another question on formspring. Maybe this time it worked.

    1. Thanks! You might be right about Rhea, I’m not sure either now that you’ve pointed it out. She is very small generally, though, haha. And Galak is pretty tall in comparison.

      Also, I just checked my formspring account and it’s just full of generic spam questions. :/ Maybe I should just remove the link from the sidebar, it’s clearly not working properly. I can try and answer your question on here, though I suppose it isn’t quite the same!

      1. Yeah, it seems that Galak’s just moving frantically, taking much place. And it is nice seeing Rhea being patronized, heh.

        I don’t know if deleting the link to formspring is the best option, your account does contain many useful info, and is fun to read. Maybe it’s just my sorry arse that can’t quite get how to use it :p

        However, here’s what I was meant to ask: what is your opinion on alternate endings? Do you consider making one or more if the fans ask for them? Or are they out of the question, it’s your story, we can take it or leave it? I think you mentioned that your comic’s ending and the milestone story points are already planned, but clearly you also appreciate the feedback. I know it’s about 1/3 of the story yet (ah, if only you had more time for more updates…), but maybe it’s something worth considering. 🙂

        1. Oh, that’s a good question! Hmm.

          Well, honestly I barely have enough time to keep on top of the actual canon story, never mind draw out alternate endings. I have to say, I’ve never been asked to do anything like that, though.

          I wouldn’t put it as bluntly as you can “take it or leave it” in regards to the story either, I really enjoy seeing people’s musings and fan creations. As the creator I do think I have final say on what is and isn’t canon, though! Certain characters’ fates and other plot points are pretty cemented – I don’t mind people pondering on what might have been if things had turned out differently, though.

          While there are a lot of things that aren’t likely to change (for example, the nature of magic or characters’ core personalities) I’m open to quite a lot of stuff being malleable. I think the nature of making a webcomic invites collaboration to a certain extent, and the comic is just a narrow window into a potentially much larger world. Really, RMR is taking place in a few cities on a large continent, one of several in a large world. That’s a lot of potential scope! I haven’t mapped everything out.

        2. Thank you for answering and explaining this issue. Suddenly I imagined the RMR franchise, with you in a position of a manager of other stories, comics, books, movie series and fan creations, something like Lucasfilms & co. Maybe some day? 😉
          As for the main story, I love it and I’m really happy it’s an ongoing project. There’s much I’d like to see in the comic (like Adrianna’s father appearance etc.), but really, everything is paced well and I’m sure we will see what is necessary to understand the character’s motives. Thanks for doing a great job 🙂

  3. I realized something, and I have to know! *prepare for nerd’s rant* It’s really late to ask, but – how did Adrianna, Galak, Rhea and Bracken get to Dakaia? Did they take a boat like Danil, a train like Lethe, or went on foot the whole way from Seras Daya after escaping Samara? Or maybe the resistance movement has some private airships? It was never shown, and the change of scenes was very quick. (Possibly the trauma of spending some time with Rhea in one bunk caused Adrianna’s partial amnesia.) So how did it happen? I really can’t recall any explanation…

    1. I thought they crossed a border in some lake-filled cave-like place…? It wasn’t a well-guarded border, and they got separated shortly after crossing it–Adrianna was with Rhea for a bit, right?


      1. Yeah, but those were two different locations (assuming the cave’s entrance was near Seras Daya), very distant from one another if you look at the map. And I suppose Samara didn’t get far from her ship, so the whole chase scene took place in Imara, but in some unnamed city near the border.

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