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  1. Is that some sort of easter-egg or something…? o_O Rose, is that page staying like that..?

    1. This is the legit page.

      1. Well, my facial expression is precisely the same as the one of the people in the last panel. All of them in rapid succession. Mission accomplished I guess?

  2. we’ve seen this guy before, haven’t we?

  3. So do a funny comic on the side. For health!

    1. Ah, if only I had time! I suspect starting a second comic at this point would not be good for my health.

  4. Oh my god
    Is this for real
    This is real isn’t it
    This is the best page
    There is nothing that can top this
    Rose, you are a genius

    1. This is the real life

  5. W…tf…?

    1. Ahahahah! Wtf indeed 😀

  6. The entire block can probably hear my laughter right now.

  7. Shouldn’t he have some sort of marching band with him (well bagpipes would be most impressive) or maybe flower girls to toss petals at the honored guests?
    Deserves at least a “Taa-Dahhh!”
    Maybe that’s next week?

  8. the tiarch seems to be the life of the party at official receptions.

  9. Hahahahahahahahaha….. *thump*

    *picks head back up*

    That was the last thing I expected to see. ;D Best page ever!!!

  10. I’m totally with Samara on this one.

    What. The. Fuuuu…????

    I guess the Triarch is just a huge showboater when it comes to identifying himself as a mage. He’s all, “I’m a mage, dammit! And people gonna KNOW it!”. Or maybe he’s just trying to be super-obviously-friendly-don’t-worry-it’s-not-a-trap-and-we-don’t-plan-to-kill-you-so-here-have-a-cookie-cheers!

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