Oh, those guards. They just love to do that.

Wow, sorry for the mega-late update. I don’t think I’ve done a Tuesday update in a while. Anyway, it was not for lack of trying, this page ate up all of my free time from last Wednesday through to right this second. So many redrawn figures. So much discarded inking. At some points I was just like… how do faces work again? What is colour? It was a bit mad. I guess I’m still a little rusty.

Anyway, that is actually the end of the chapter. I need a day off, so no update this Friday, but we’ll be back to it next week.

In other news,
Poor Wayfaring Strangers is still kickstarting! For anyone who missed it last week, it’s a wild west anthology I contributed a story to, and would dearly love to see in print.

At this point we’re closing in on the last third of the campaign, and it’s still looking shy of hitting the funding target. If you’ve ever been on the lookout for a way to support me, or indeed any of the other fantastic webcomickers and artists involved in this, please consider chipping in to get yourself a copy. It would mean a hell of a lot to me, and the book simply won’t happen if we don’t have your support.


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