And right into chapter 3*! No cover page again, I’ll have to find some time to come up with at least a placeholder for chapters 2 and 3. But it probably won’t be this month because…

Red Moon Rising is going to be updating every week day throughout June. Good times, blame Nanomango.

I won’t be updating the vote incentive every update, I think that’d do my head in. It should change at least weekly, though. For now, the new vote incentive is a small preview of the next page. Which will be going up tomorrow. Cripes.

*Note: This was originally the start of chapter 3.


Page 45

3 thoughts on “Page 45

  1. Yes for these skies !!!

  2. Ooh, airships!

    Ladies and Gentleman, this comic is officially Steam-punk.

  3. Is it underwater POV, or do those boats float in the air?

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