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  1. Oh the humanity! Why must the good die young!

    And “skipping across the fields”, is that what they call it these days? You young people and your language….

    1. Because I’m a cruel author and like to kill off characters, of course.

      Also, I have no idea what you are implying, good sir. None at all.

      1. Alexandre Dumas cried every time he made one of his characters die.

  2. Skip all you want !
    (And please try to find out how “The Hobbit” is doing?)

    1. Ha!

      And I’ll ask him when he gets here. Er, my boyfriend, that is. Not the hobbit. They are not one and the same. I feel I should make that abundantly clear.

      1. Somewhat distressingly, I think I actually could provide a reasonably satisfactory answer to that question.

        1. Oh no. The implications, they are horrifying.

    2. Not… not… especially hairy feet ?

  3. Whoa. The lighting is amazing.

    1. I fully agree.

      1. Thank you. 🙂 Lighting is one of my favourite things.

        1. If anything, the characters are a bit too distinct. (The volume defined by the light speaks for itself.) Its probably better to see them fully rather than blended in atmospherically but it would feel more natural that way.

        2. Smart*ss giving smart advice. HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! You better leave it to the pro´s. @Rose: Awesome work, as always!

        3. Er, not that I don’t appreciate you rushing to my defence and all (honestly, it’s quite flattering) but I do feel like Glenn has a genuine point and either way, I prefer to encourage thoughtful criticism rather than quash it.

          @Glenn I think it’s a result of this page having slightly washed out values in the background (the previous page was better for this), and also due to the fact that I ink the characters but paint the backgrounds, so generally the characters do end up a bit darker and more defined. Initially (like way back at the start of the comic) this was to aid a more specifically animation-esque look, particularly when the character colouring was still cel-shaded. Not so much any more, so I think merging the characters and backgrounds more fully is something I’ll keep in mind. As it is, I’m trying out some new things with the lineart for the next page so… should be interesting!

        4. Thank you for that ! Sometimes, no matter how you look you won’t notice. If you put that finished painting away for a week and then see it fresh it might leap at you as obvious. (Or it might not, depending on what you had for breakfast…)
          I’m a sculptor(BA)and had to learn how to draw and paint first so there is some degree of objective honesty but much of what we all see has to pass through other filters anyway. I think that we are often conditioned how to see and artists learn to see differently, but I doubt if anybody can ever see anything in exactly the same way.
          This story has changed in many ways visually from the beginning. I would certainly hope that it continues to evolve so wonderfully.
          Maybe one last layer of texture to blend ?

        5. I´ve been following RMR from the start. And i first noticed your art (yes, art!) on that sadly ill-fated sidekick-story @ the brudlos-brothers. Trust me, the last thingy YOU need is some uncalled “advice” from some sweettalking wannabe with some misaligned monitor.
          If you ASK for input, that´s another thing. But uncalled “advice”, especially to an already outstanding artist, is just rude. Sweettalking or not. 😉

  4. Sorry if you feel offended by my comments.

    1. No offense taken.

      But it´s not very constructive to blaarrgh uncalled into a guestbook (attentionwhorismlike, *cough*), especially when there´s no point. There´s a pool in that atrium, and due to the late hour the air´s gone moisty. So the scene´s atmosphere is captured perfectly.

      Rose´s art is factors above usual webcomic-level, and i´m always amazed by her frequent updates – these pages definitely look like way more work than a week each.

      1. Cheese Is Delicious

        I don’t believe that Glenn was actually attacking Rose’s work, dude.
        Most artists don’t mind a little bit of criticism as long as it isn’t ignorant and deprecating without any purpose.

        1. Yes, well she knows what I think of her work and style because I’ve told her enough times already. That specific post was about her amazing style and applying it to everything with the same consistent quality.
          Does that make sense?

    2. I guess that was too subtle for you.
      You’re a very rude person.

  5. I’m in California. My gentleman caller is in Ireland. I completely understand. Have fun! 😀

  6. Great page, as always. Really impressed by your use of inset box-thingies (not a comic artist, don’t know what they are called, but I read a lot of online comics and your boxes are the only ones that don’t make me run away screaming).

  7. Grand! Welcome back to New Zealand, and more importantly, please inject as much of that british currency into our faltering economy as you can!. Though I imagine you won’t be going anywhere near my Christchurch, which needs the money, and will be cozying it up with those *expletive deleted* jaffas in their prosperous northern climes…

    Light-hearted snarking aside, hope you have a good time in this fair (and munted) country of ours. I’ll be looking forward to the days of bi-weekly updates again, though.

  8. I must say I have trouble understanding… I am from Denmark and my beautiful wife is from Finland – so of course we live in Finland.
    I thought that’s how it just is…?
    Don’t make me doubt it, that would be bad for my health 😀

  9. Alll I waaant is you… Everything has got to be just like you want it tooooooo.

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