It’s page 15*, and you know what that means! That’s right, I’m a quarter of the way to Baconnaise. Also, goodbye grumbly television. The new vote incentive is another quick painting I did of a forest scene. Obviously I should have set this entire scene in a forest rather than inside a dingy flat. I also added some google ads to the site just for the hell of it. Since Red Moon Rising is also the name of an EVE Online expansion, they’re mainly EVE-related ads. Which I can dig. EVE is cool. *Note from the future: This was originally page 15.
Ooh, burn. I haven’t decided what to do about the font yet, though I suspect I’ll probably just end up making my own (a la eventually. In the meantime, sticking with Gill Sans. The new vote incentive is another character sketch, though not a main character. Just someone who’s disproportionately important to the amount of screen time she has in the actual comic.
Ha, and you thought something interesting was going to happen. Still, hooray. New character and we’re finally in to double digits*. Also, don’t forget to vote! It’s a new month so TWC has reset, and it’s going maaaad – I’m hoping to stay in the top 200 once the dust settles. The incentive itself is a bunch of messy delightful sketches from the last week or so. *Note: This was originally page 10.