Right back where we started.
Sorry this is such a late post, guys. I was visiting my parents for most of the week so that kind of precluded an update any sooner. Plus I ended up redrawing each individual panel at least once, so I uploaded some of the dropped sketches as the vote incentive. On the plus side, I had a total blast with the lighting. blue light aaaaa
Welp. In better news, there’s a new
vote incentive. It’s a commission of an alleyway I had to take a second run at, so you guys get to see the discarded first draft. Might rework it into a shot of Ashul later?
Danil probably needed a bath anyway.
More on time than last week! I’m going to take that as a small win. There’s also a new
vote incentive, a screenshot of something I’ve been building in Minecraft which you guys should find familiar.