Another page that was livestreamed along with Amy (and now Nancy) of O31. If you’re catching this update early the stream is actually probably still going on, I’ll be drawing some character designs for chapter 6 which I’ll most likely post a little later tomorrow as a vote incentive. New vote incentive! Character headshot for chapter 6.

I decided to jump right into chapter 2*, though I’ll probably draw and backdate a cover at some point**. And this is just a big page of “look I can too draw backgrounds” after all the blurry rubbish backdrops from the last chapter. Poorly lit flats are the worst. I didn’t want to do anything lame like stick the location name in a box on the page, since I hope you’re all smart enough to realise this is, in fact, an entirely different place from the last scene. Please tell me you can see that. If not, I give up. Anyway, the vote incentive is some concept art for Dakaia (the city) that I drew to try and get a feel for the different architecture, though I decided to pick a less blazing colour scheme for the final page. Edit: Ahhhh! 😀 Lookit! Non-cow related RMR fanart. Awesome! *Note from the future: This used to be the opening for chapter 2. **Another note from the future: It’s 2013 and I still haven’t done this, somehow.