Another page that was livestreamed along with Amy (and now Nancy) of O31. If you’re catching this update early the stream is actually probably still going on, I’ll be drawing some character designs for chapter 6 which I’ll most likely post a little later tomorrow as a vote incentive. New vote incentive! Character headshot for chapter 6.


Page 93

0 thoughts on “Page 93

  1. I’m going to say something strange. I like the coloring on the nose of the incentive. And maybe the nose to mouth ratio going on there.

  2. It was a great livestream, I really enjoyed it! Hope I can catch the next one too! Great page.

  3. “Of course, if that doesn’t appeal to you…” …its back to draw the frowny face on cell-walls again, and this time you can draw like a hundred or so, cause we would be keeping you in xD

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