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Crazy, crazy week, in both good and bad ways. I think I need to take a day to finally recover from the coursework deadline mess of last week – my flat is a complete messsss aggghhh


Page 131

0 thoughts on “Page 131

  1. I really like Adrianna’s nose.

  2. GAH!!! Tracker = BAD

  3. so it’s over 9000? Sigh- sry. awesome page btw, not a lot of folks can do motion blur right XP

    1. Man, I did not even notice that. How did I not notice that? It is totally over 9000! Also, thanks. 😀

  4. Soo…does it go around her neck? Ankle? Arm? Either way, it looks like bad news.

    1. It is attached with a stapple gun to the back, so you can not remove it yourself.

    2. It goes around the ankle, though I kind of like the idea of stapling it to their back…

  5. Thanks for the great work!

    1. No problem! Thanks for reading!

  6. Tracker – nah, that’s an old Sinclair Black Watch in which case Adrianna’s got no problems. It will stop working if she so much as sneezes!

    Great final panel, by the way.

    1. That article is amazing. I laughed so hard, and it does look exactly like it, too. Hopefully the manufacturer for the Ashul military is a bit more competent than Sinclair.

  7. Oh shoooot!!! I love Danil’s face in the last panel, he has great expressions, I like his hand, too. …and pretty much the whole panel XD

    1. Thanks! They are doing the Star Trek lurch, it was surprisingly tricky to make them look not stupid.

  8. The engine room disagrees. It Wants the pyro near it.

  9. I really love the idea of tilting the last panel. Gives the comic more dynamism.

  10. @ the last panel– 1st reaction: YESSS ACTION!!!! 2nd action: OH NOES CRAP IS GOING WRONG!!!!!!

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