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Sorry about dropping the ball on Thursday’s update, it basically came down to… do I want degree, or update? In the end I went with the degree, obviously, since I think failing university over a single comic page would make me some sort of giant idiot. Having said that, it was basically a trainwreck of bad time management on my part, so now that my barrage of coursework is finished for another few months I’m going to focus on making a buffer of pages. This is only the second time in the comic’s run that I’ve completely missed an update, but I’m hoping it’ll also be the last time.

On the plus side, I’m well happy with this page. Still getting to grip with the pencils, but I’m really starting to appreciate them now. Pencils, you are rocking my world.


Page 130

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  1. Another very nice page. I apologize if my last comment appeared to be something along the lines of “Blah-blah-blah, I demand you update quickly, blah-blah-blah.” I did not meant to come across like that at all; I applaud you for prioritizing your degree over this (albeit fantastic) comic. Always remember that your readers are supportive of your RL endeavors. We’re like your mom, except we won’t bitch at you for the guys you bring home!

    That said, I eagerly await the next update. 😀

    1. Oh, not at all! People demanding more updates means I must be doing something right, it’s actually quite flattering. 🙂

      The degree is a slightly tricky matter, but not something I’m going to be blethering about all over my comic. And on the plus side I’ll be graduating soon, which means I can hopefully focus my attentions a bit more clearly instead of having a constant split between this and university.

      Next update will be right on time this Thursday, barring any major mishaps. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. I totally agree that you nailed this page. I like the bald(ing) guy. He’s all like, bald(ing) and junk! I know that must have been hard on you given how much you love drawing hair. Maybe he’ll just have really detailed hands to compensate in later pages.

    I also like the above idea of your fans being like your internet moms. I know I too am supportive of your RL endeavours and think that it’s too cold out Rose what are you doing you must be freezing put on a jumper.

    1. It was either that or a mohawk, but I didn’t think that’d go too well with the whole military thing. Also, to compensate he has an extra hand right on the top of his head. You can’t see it because of the way the panels are cropped, but trust me, it’s there. I wouldn’t lie to you.

      Oh god dammit I have like four jumpers on already what the heellll

  3. Wow, i just discovered this comic now, and I really love the artwork and the story so far. Keep it up~I’ll be reading =)

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Will do.

  4. Hi, I recently found this comic… and am in love.
    I actually sometimes put pay for a link here to my jewelry site when I can afford it… because it seems like such a great fit for my personal taste in cyber/Steam punk / SF. I love the richness of the inking, and the overall tone of colour. I write some sf/cpunk (shorts & working on a novel or 2) and love the politics, the protag and your work. It really is great and I’m slowly reading through the archieves. Great work, and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

    1. Wow, thank you! I’m happy you’re enjoying it this much, and the advertising does keep the site running, so I really appreciate that.

  5. Hi again ^^

    As far as punctuality goes, your strip is the most stable and dependable, when it comes to regular updating, so i think everyone here will gladly accept a day or two of delay if its necessary to save your degree.

    In other news, I really enjoy the whole skyship setting. Looks like the next pages will be filled with a lot of angry and maybe also some stroppy faces.

    1. The promptness and regularity of the update schedule is really, really important to me, so tripping up on it like that is a bit of bummer. It just takes a few and then you’re suddenly completely out of the habit, and that’s when things seem to start spiralling down and the comic falters.

      Having said that, it’s nice that you guys are so supportive. 🙂 And my degree is pretty important, so I think it was good prioritising. Back to regular updates now, though! And I feel a lot better for it.

  6. Pencils make everything better!

    Have been refreshing daily for the new update — very happy to have found it! 8D

    Keep up the good work, best of luck on the degree, too!

    1. They really do! It’s actually blowing my mind how much more fluent my sketching has become just over the last five pages. I don’t know how obvious it is in the pages, but I feel a lot more comfortable sketching out complex poses without nitpicking and resizing things for hours on end. I think it’s steadily shoring up a big flaw in my art process, which thrills me!

      Also, thanks! Urrrr degree, I am a terrible student. Just looking forward to graduating now.

  7. Two times out of the 117 pages strong is not a bad record. The key thing is that you’ve had something ever week. Due to the incredible art you’ve made, in the future it may be appreciated if you gave a little ’how I do it’ for your average page. Not while you’re experimenting, obviously, but at some point.

    This comic has garnered enough of my respect that once I get my own steam punk comic running (2-4 weeks from now), I intend to advertise here. Keep up the great work, but never hesitate to keep those priorities straight either.

  8. Don’t worry about late updates. I think most people who read your work don’t mind the wait. 🙂

    ps: i love those military outfits!

    1. That’s good to hear. 🙂 The regularity of the updates is one of my top priorities, and it seems like everyone else has that impression too, which is really helpful when it comes to sticking to the schedule. I haaate missing updates.

  9. YAY! Pencils are freakin` awesome aren`t they? Oh yeah, DUN DUN DUNNNN …. *Is hooked*

    1. They are like little sticks of heaven.

      1. True is that statement

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