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  1. I want to see the magic-fuelled squirrel. Though I guess that possibly ties in with the vote incentives. 😛

    And whoa. I admire Adrianna’s jumping skills!

  2. I’m more impressed by the shear ballsiness of that leap.

  3. I love how Galak’s more amazed/stunned/worried by Adrianna’s jumping skills than the fact that the ship has drifted. XD

    1. PS: Extras are always shooper fun to look at, I’d like to see an extras tab. 😀

  4. I’d like to see some new vote incentive… please, please, pretty please and sugar on top? 🙂

    Aaaand that leap is epic.

  5. I think a page to view old incentives would be pretty cool, just for reference.

    And I second the Magic Squirrel Vote Incentive.

  6. Adrianna and Galek are such a good buddy-cop team.

  7. P.S. I estimate this is ~ 9 meter jump??

  8. so i mostly lurk here but if you have any concepts of the cities it would be great to see some more of them!

  9. Honestly, I think Adrianna was just like “Even if I die jumping this, it’s worth it to get off this ship.” Also: Galak’s concern is kind of cute, especially considering Adrianna’s mad jumping skillz.

  10. Adrianna has mad skillz.
    Galak: “I think I’m in love…crap”

    I’d really love to see a tutorial on how you draw and color your comic, as well as concepts of cities and countries!

  11. I loled on the last panel. I guess clinging to the sides of airships came in handy 😀

  12. Please give us more vote incentives? Even if they’re just old sketchbook drawings, I’d be happy.

    1. That sounded bad. I love sketchbook stuff, it’s like peeking into the back door of a factory and seeing how it all works. Or seeing an x-ray of someone. And I love looking back on old sketchbooks, and I love looking in other peoples’ sketchbooks.

      Anyway. More arts plz?

  13. Da~amn, I want to be able to jump like that. Most I’ve managed is ten feet.

  14. I’d actually like to see if there’s any more military hardware you’ve thought up. So yeah, a Guns and Roses Gallery would be nice (where the Guns = Military Hardware and Such and the Roses = Civilian things and such) .

  15. Epic leap, completed with Galaks *w00t?* expression, nice.
    An Extras-button for concept arts, old vote incentives and so on would be a nice idea.
    And T-Shirts, Cups and stuff >.<

  16. A flying-squrriel no doubt heh.

    Galak will have to levitate before he can impress her now. XD

  17. I have noticed your art looks pretty different since you started using Manga Studio – is it because it’s so different to handle? ::curious::

  18. a magic-fueled squirrel?
    that’s just nuts

  19. And look she got her wish. Finally got to jump off the airship.

  20. If I didn’t know better, it looks like he’s slightly in love.

    1. Yep, who couldn’t fall for such a sexy squirrel. :p

  21. Now is it my bizarre mis-remembering, or was this page one accompanied by a joke page (a vote incentive?) Where Addi, well, *didn’t* make the jump?

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