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  1. Haha, facial expressions… ^.^

  2. Leeeeemme guess. The Colonel is poking his head over the railing.

  3. is his mother also a magic-fueled squirrel?

    1. They are the legendary Long-Lost Squirrel Siblings.

  4. Lol! The vote incentive was dreadfully funny!

    1. Heh heh. I agree.

      1. Ditto. I hope to see more in this style.

        1. The vote incentive is EPIC! My stomach hurts from laughing.

        2. I seriously almost died trying to hold my laughter in at work. I think I literally almost busted my gut doing so.

          Thank God no one was looking at me; I’m sure my face looked horrific.

  5. Oh wait! Hey! I just noticed: second-to-last panel, is that another almost-smile?!

    What are the odds that something awesome/awful is going to happen on the next page…?

    1. I thought it too 😀 It was like: is that… a SMILE? *disbelief*

      Beautiful page!

      1. She smiled, therefore another explosion must occur on the next page.

        Red Moon Rising is probably the newest comic I currently read, but it is definitely one of my favorites. I can hardly wait for Mondays and Thursdays so that I get to find out what happens next!

  6. I about cried laughing at the new vote incentive, and disturbed my cat cackling. Thank you. It’s been a rough day, and I needed the hard laughter it ensued. Fun page too. Her expressiveness is such love.

  7. *Snerk* All I can say about the incentive is “Whoops”

  8. Hahaha that answers my question from the previous page. Can’t acess it now I suppose but I know what it was.

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