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  1. Love the last two panels.

  2. He seriously needs to tell her what the heck he’s up to, or her agenda will leave him behind!

  3. Something tells me she’s not trying to initiate a group hug there…

  4. Is that a tear in her eye, or something’s wrong with my vision? Or is that a small error? o.o
    She likes to beat him, by the way. 😉

    1. I think it’s the beginning of magic… perhaps?

      1. If my eye serfs me, you can see it starting glow in her right eye… it’s orange-ish at the bottom.
        It could be something else (like my whacky monitor <.<) but I guess she will do something using her heat-palm. Or she suddenly has seen something like an atacker and rescues- nah, not likely.
        My guess is she tackels him, and forces him to spill his guts via threatenign with the infamours throatburner-palm.

        1. Oooh, the thot plickens.

          Again. Thursday can’t come fast enough…

  5. Problem solved indeed! Did you watch the latest SMBC Theater before making this?

    Personally I would have tried a more diplomatic approach but there’s more than one way to have your way with people in the freezing pouring rain.

    1. No, I’ve never seen that. This has been scripted for quite a few months now, at any rate. Does SMBC Theater involve much comical shoulder barging? I suspect I should watch it if that’s the case.

  6. I love the look in the second panel. INTENSE

    Or … “this is my happy face”

  7. I had more or less the same monday as you! Bank told me it was reducing my overdraft because i wasn’t a student anymore 🙁 Bad times.

    I love your comic btw it’s amazing, nice to see a British webcomic going on!

  8. She couldn’t herself any more on that last panel…. Galak, you are too awesome.

  9. This is really good stuff. Thank your archnemesis for me ending up here.

  10. That second panel would make a super kickass banner.

  11. Damn Brit time to hell and gone. It’s Thursday evening here already.

    1. Take heart, the page is late because I’ve been busy having issues trying to book a flight to your darned country. Soon I’ll be updating in NZ time!

      1. Well, winter is milder here than Scotland. Just don’t fly BA. Maybe charter one of your airships. They look comfortable.

  12. ahhhhh… I’ve reached the end of the archive… must, have, more! 😉 love the comic!!

    and I don’t think I trust this guy either

  13. Galak) I’m. . . too sexy for my jacket. Too sext for my jacke–*WHNF* || Adrianna) PUT IT BACK ON!

  14. aw dang ya’ll, i have a new favorite page. this is a great example of when sequential narrative works- my eyes just slip across in an upside down “7” and cell two is one of the most haunting images yet. bravo!

  15. This….could be a FAIL at glomping? 😉

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