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  1. Woo! Archnemesis Firsties! Take that!

    1. Damn you! DAAMN YOUUUU

  2. Congrats on the degree award!

  3. I just read through the archives. This is a wonderful story with awesome art!

  4. A crazy man?

    Or a crazy awesome man?

  5. ^ seconded 🙂

  6. ^^ Thirded.

  7. ^^^ Fourthded. 😀

  8. ^^^^ Fived. She’s crazy for following a crazy man.

    Also, great art.

  9. i will not say “sixthed” because that way madness lies. however, he is pretty crazy awesome.

  10. …I love everything about this comic. I really do.
    And it’s probably just because I’m tired that I am seeing a kitten in the clouds in the left panel. I’m sure of it.
    But now that I’ve seen it, it won’t go away. It’s cute, too.

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