Editedit: Made it to the semi-finals of the TGT Tournament! As ever, looks like it’s going to be a tough ol’ match up, so any votes would appreciated, especially after getting this far. You want to hear me being interviewed again, right? Right.

Edit: Totally survived and junk. In NZ they have double rainbows, as it turns out.

Hopefully as this page goes up my flight is pretty close to touching down in New Zealand. Exciting! Will add an edit later on to let you lot know whether I did or did not survive the 37 hour trip.


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  1. whats better than a magic box

    1. Um… peanut butter cups?

      1. hard to argue with that

        1. What about a magic box that produces NEVER ENDING PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!


        2. I literally just made this face -> :O

  2. I wonder if when he takes her picture, they’ll think he took her soul and the locals will try to publically burn him alive.

    1. I considered taking the scene that way, but having him burned alive in this scene would cause A TIME PARADOXU and that’s not quite where I was wanting to go with the story.


      2. Hey the key word is try. He could always escape with the help of his witty and smart love intrest who lives in a world that expects her to be dumb and compliant and have a wacky chase scene with that song from Benny Hill, complete with angry mobs and hiding in obvious places and then they fall in love and escape somewhere and kiss and then realise they can never be together and I haven’t used any punctuation… Meh, I’m good with anything really, however the thought of how that paradox would resolve itself is intruiging to say the very least.


    Also, magic boxes are the best boxes.

    1. Will try, though I’ve hardly been outside at all yet, so don’t hold your breath.

  4. That is the best “I AM A WIZARD OF GREAT POWAH” face.

    1. Ironically, she is a wizard of great powah. Lethe would clearly work it better, though.

  5. wandering-dreamer

    Wohoo, old fashioned cameras for the win!

  6. Sweet, the most important invention of the century! XD

  7. MAGIC! *Scary smile*
    … So old fashioned that camera isn’t. Am I the only person who remembers the technology of ten years ago? Looks way flasher than the one I got when I was a kid.

    – – –

    Wait… so where *don’t* they have double rainbows? I always assumed that was a globally universal phenomenon?
    Welcome to the arse-end of the world, by the way. Hope the MAFS didn’t destroy all your belongings or anything. Oh, and watch out for the sheep. And the kiwis. Those little buggers really don’t take kindly to being picked up.

    -A. (Currently residing in Kiwiland)

    1. Haha! 🙂 The camera up there is actually based pretty heavily on the Leica 1, which showed up around 1925 apparently, so now I’m kind of wondering if technology in New Zealand is lagging several decades behind the rest of the world.

      I’m pretty sure you can get double rainbows everything, but it was especially ridiculous that I saw one just as my plane was coming into land over an extremely picturesque Auckland. It was bordering on cliché to the point where I was expecting a unicorn to show up at any moment. And all my stuff seems fine! Haven’t inspected it too much yet, but my laptop is working at least.

      1. Aha, so you are here. Give Jan a call, she wants to show you the sights/entertain you.
        And really enjoying the strip. Hope you brought an adapter for your power supply, else the laptop will be dead in 3 hours.

      2. Well, surely you’ve heard the joke about New Zealand being ’three hours ahead and ten years behind Australia (and the rest of the world). Or maybe not. Careful, Kiwis get pretty touchy when it comes to their vastly inferior… everything… compared to the big brother across the ’gap’.
        But I wasn’t living in New Zealand as a kid… I’m only somewhere between 1/2 and 1/4 Kiwi. But a camera that looks like a box with a couple of lenses and a light? I’m guessing the compactness of that one made it look flash to me. I didn’t consider that cameras might have actually got chunkier and uglier as technology progressed, instead of the other way around.

        – – – – –

        Hmm, no unicorns here anymore, I’m afraid. They were exterminated as an unwanted foreign pest species, along with just about everything else larger than a Kakapo.

        – A.

        1. EDIT: Okay, sorry, not vastly inferior *everything*.
          Let’s see… Mountains! They have better mountains over here! And Parrots! Some of the meanest parrots ever. Okay, and they haven’t committed genocide against their indigenous population.

          Often, though, Europeans like NZ better because it is so much more like Europe than Australia is. To me, that translates to: damp, cold, and horrifically *green*. 😉

        2. Disclaimer: having now returned to Australia and resumed my status as a full Australian, I would never dream of making such derogatory comments as this again. New Zealand is a lovely place full of lovely things and even some of the people are lovely. Seriously. I love the place.

    2. we have double rainbows here in Colorado – there have even been triple ones

  8. I’m just going to say it once:


    only makes sense to those lucky people who have seen the double rainbow guy.

    Awesome flashback 🙂

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