The TGT Tournament is still ongoing, and it’s a tough battle against Wiglaf and Mordred this round. Votes and well wishes appreciated, having a bit of a terrible week so far.

Dealing with some family things and getting ready to fly to New Zealand on Saturday, busy busy. I’ll be travelling until Monday (New Zealand is far away) but the next page is already drawn and queued and junk, so updates will be uninterrupted. Technology!


Page 185

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  1. wandering-dreamer

    Funny, I would’ve thought you could re-create a really hot, arid place in a lab, guess the technology there isn’t at the same level ours is.

    1. Presumably you could, but surely if you’re testing something to see if it will work outside, the easiest solution is just to… go outside.

      1. I guess they are used to the rainwater cooling the steam-stuff at the right places and so on-
        if rain is a constant weather factor they would start planning with it…
        and their machines will overheat in the arid enviroment,
        sand will be everywhere… yeah

        (and besides: he couldn’t elbow her in the face in a lab, could he?

  2. ’Horrible’ arid weather? Bah. I’d say the same about all that ghastly *rain*.

    You’re coming *here*? To New Zealand? I guess your reasons must be really important, ’cause it’s a long way to travel to get to… nowhere. Allright, it’s a really *pretty* country. But mine is still prettier.

    So… where exactly in New Zealand are you going to be going?

  3. Of course I wish you good luck in the tournament! I voted for you, as your comics is simply outstanding. I can’t stop looking at the amazing colours and nice style, which shows how much you care for this story. It’s got the warm, mysterious feeling I adore, so I am sure a lot of people will vote in the same way I did =)
    Hope next week will be better!

  4. Have a great time in my homeland of NZ! I miss the place and i hope you enjoy it!

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