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  1. Once again, we have totally awesome new character. 😀

  2. OK seriously Rose, you did a kickass job. And he doesn’t look like a cat! This is the best page of all, but I think you know why 😀

    Hado for president!!

    1. I know, it’s almost like he’s not a cat at all.

  3. I am allready starting to like this guy.
    Thumbs up for history lessons 😀

  4. Oh no! I hope this doesn’t mean he’s going to get shot/mutilated/defenestrated in the next few pages!

  5. How wonderfully eloquent.

  6. Well if Col. Mechanical Hand is any indication, this awesome guy might as well be wearing a sign that says “I’m two days from retirment.” He’s already dead.

    1. Man, you guys are so pessimistic.

  7. A bizarre analogy, but it works. Rather a waste of salt, though.

    … And I’m not asking about the slater. Totally not asking.

    1. Well, it was nearly empty anyway.

  8. I’m sorry, but I need to ask. There is no need to tell me if you wish not too…but I have to ask.

    1. There may have been a small incident at a recent dinner with my boyfriend’s family where his nephew may or may not have accidentally crushed his pet woodlouse, Pumpkin. You’re in a better place now, Pumpkin. 🙁

      1. Aaaww… 🙁
        Poor Pumpkin

  9. Thanks for the dedication Rose…

    RIP lil’Slater guy… your time with us was too short

  10. This guy makes the best – er, strangest- analogies. LOVE HIM!

    1. Well, they are a bit low on resources. 🙂

  11. Tra la la, I am here with a random question after reading most of your webcomic in one sitting (head hurts from computer screen, must go lay down after this!). I saw you mention using Manga Studio, are you still using/enjoying it? I am having a hard time getting used to working in Photoshop without using scanned in things to trace over. Also, do you have the debut or pro version?


    Looking forward to seeing more world history, yay 😀

    1. I do still use Manga Studio! I’ve been using a friend’s copy of EX, but just won a copy of Debut in the recent TGT Tournament, so I expect I’ll be using that from now on. I do only use it for my inking, however. All my sketching is done in Photoshop, then I go into Manga Studio to ink, then back to Photoshop for colouring. To give an idea, this is what a page looks like just before I head back into Photoshop. As for Photoshop… I’d say stick at it. It’s such a good, versatile program once you’re well acquainted with it, and I wouldn’t do my colouring in anything else.

      1. I’m not sure if my other comment is stuck in moderation or if it just didn’t go through, so I don’t want to leave a duplicate, but! Thanks for your help & your fast reply 🙂

        1. Urk, it did indeed get caught in the spam filter for whatever reason and then I managed to delete it because I guess I am just that clever. Sorry about that, but I did at least see it before my brain apparently fell out of my nose and on to the delete key.

          Anyway, EX is the premium version and Debut is the cheaper version, and I don’t think I’ve been doing anything in EX that Debut couldn’t handle, having had a look at the features comparison chart. So yes, would recommend Debut. 🙂

  12. You know, next to Galak’s understated ’Ah’ while escaping the burning ship, the dialogue from the last two panels here might just be my favourite dialogue so far.

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