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  1. maps, are awesome, especially ones with a moustache 😀
    On another note: they are not gonna reveal plot relevant history, are they o.o?
    That would be like… what am I complaining, yay history time!

    I am looking forward to the next pages…

    1. Everyone loves moustache maps. I’m feeling some Groucho glasses coming on.

  2. Ah, Adrianna again, finally! 🙂 I’m new to this site, and i absolutely love art and plot. From the first pages on i was wondering which actress could play Adrianna, if this novel could ever make it to screen. Not many could fit in her shoes – Cate Blanchett maybe? What would you think?
    And: Please forgive me my funny engrish – i´m german. 😉

  3. The empty salt can as paperweight is such a good detail to suggest their low resources.
    Great new scene, thank you for making this comic, it is turning out fine.

  4. The art on this page looks a lot different from the others… I like it!

    [super excited]

  5. I -love- maps! 😀

  6. “They wouldn’t even mention it during my officer training” You mean training for the WAR!? Wow. That’s a lot of gloss. I can see it though.

    Btw, love the effect on the salt shaker. The refraction from the glass looks sweet.

  7. What a cheerful, homey, inviting place. Looks like the air should be heavily scented with the enticing aroma of fresh0baked cookies.

    I thought for sure the next scene was going to be back on the ship, centered on Danil. Curses! Oh well, world info is always fun.

  8. Yay! Maps <3

    I do adore cartography.

    And yes, the salt shaker is an interesting feature.

  9. Hello, first time commenter, definitely not a first time reader though!

    Yay!!! Maps are awesome, 😛 if only my math teacher could use them in her class to explain difficult concepts instead of telling us to read the book!

    The ghetto paperweight/salt shaker was an awesome detail 🙂 I loved how it was drawn, looks all 3D-ish and stuff.

    Wow, they didn’t mention the war during officer training? Then how are the troops motivated? xD I guess they could just threaten them with arrest/death, but that’s not really *motivating*.

    “Here, let’s work on *describes training exercise*”

    “Is this so I can fight in the war?”

    “What war?”

    But nice job on the comic 🙂 It’s awesome!!!!

  10. wandering-dreamer

    Wow, hadn’t realized it was such a drastic color scheme change between the flashback and normal time, think I like the flashback colors better. 😛

  11. Wait a minute, I just realized… Where is Bracken?

  12. Magistrate of Mediocrity

    Wow. It’s been building up for awhile now, but I have to say something after the last panel: Galak looks exactly like Togusa. No wonder I like him so much.

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