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  1. …he sawed the arm off a statue.

    “Mother’s always saying she could use another hand.” [saw]

  2. And in Auckland, it is hot, hot, hot (giggle). But the updates are still coming – yay you.

  3. at least it wasn’t the statue’s head this time

  4. We saw the statue outside on that rainy day right before the soon-to-be-late Colonel Mechanical-Hand was introduced. Page 88, if I’m not mistaken.

    Sooooooo bonus points?

    1. Wow, yes!
      Wow, that event was more than a hundred pages back!? O_o Feels like only yesterday!
      Wait! In comic-time, it actually was yesterday??

    2. Correct! Your coupon, sir.

      1. Oh man.
        Life = complete. I’ve never been more proud.
        Thanks Rose!

  5. I love how pleased she looks with herself when he gives in.

  6. Nice page, Hope the snow deosn’t effect you to badly, where i am (mid wales) we only have a coupe of inches, but ive heard of some places having 10 of 11

  7. WTF?? 😀 😀

    Probably the most entertaining page yet. Silly me, at the last page I was almost hoping he won´t give in.

    1. Knowing our red-headed friend, that might be grounds for more punches. Sounded like an interesting story. Especially with a lead-in like that. 🙂

  8. 16 1/2 inches down here in the East Midlands!
    But its good to know people in Scotland aren’t dead. Good as in you keep feeding us with comic genius, and wit, and generally all other good things contained within this vessel of story.

  9. ahhhh so THATS why that one statue was missing an arm. at first i thought it was age or something. cant remember what page it was though…..

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