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  1. I find the fourth panel very cute. Galak is one smoooooth criminal.

  2. “it was way too dark to be a good idea.”

    Yeaaah… because aaall the gangsters, rapists and kidnappers enjoy waiting in a snowstorm at night, since there’s so many pray around at those moments…

    But tough luck with having to insulate your windows. Those are the moments you really start to love your double-glased, insulated windows. I hope you have it somehow warm by now.

    1. More like, it’s much easier to slip and have an accident when it’s dark. Last time the weather was like this I fell and broke my wrist and that was in broad daylight, so I’d really, really rather not run the risk if I don’t have to. Still pretty cold in here if I’m being honest, not entirely convinced padding up the windows did a lot of good. Mine are double glazed too, but I guess that just isn’t enough in this weather.

      1. Huh, nevermind then. Broken wrists are inhibitive to timely updates. Or any updates at all for that matter. And shouldn’t be a nice feeling too…

        If it gets worse, carpets are fine for insulation too!

        1. I WISH it would snow here. At best around here we’ll get 6 inches (15 cm-ish), but then it won’t snow again for ages. I like snow because it only sucks until the snowplow cleans the roads. After that it’s awesome (except for having to shovel your driveway).
          I do agree with the snow in the dark bit. I have to do some walking at 6am everyday, which is dark during the winter. Streetlights help, but what doesn’t help is people not shovelling their sidewalks like they’re supposed to! Have to be careful when walking.

        2. You can have it! Take it all! D:

          The problem with heavy snow in Britain is that in theory it’s supposed to be very unlikely to actually happen (something like a 1 in 20 chance, so I hear), so the infrastructure set up to deal with it isn’t terribly robust. I mean, for example… snow plow? Snow plow? What is this magical beast you speak of? Such a thing can rarely be seen in the British Isles. I assume you’re probably in Canada or in that kind of region – from what I gather the snowfall is a bit more predictable there, you lucky sods.

          Also, living in an urban area as I do is a bit problematic as no one really shovels the pavements outside since we’re all in blocks of flats, so I doubt anyone is going to take responsibility for the chunk of pavement outside. No driveways, at least. Dundee, like most Scottish cities, is unfortunately quite hilly too, so getting around on foot is a bit of a harrowing experience at the moment.

  3. Ahahahahaha I love how this comic seems pretty serious, but there’s all these hilarious little moments. The serious and the hilarious can coexist. It is awesome!!! And the way you frame them, like Galak peeking up in that one frame, makes it even better.

    1. I loved that frame too! XD My kind of comic. ^^

  4. 2am ouch

  5. Haha! Of all the things to steal, he’s taking the statue’s arm? I can’t decide if that’s brilliant or ridiculous of him! Gah, I want to see where this goes! 🙂

    Ouch. That doesn’t sound like fun. Breaking your wrist would be a pain. How much snow did you end up getting? Down here, half an inch makes a blizzard and the shops are out of bread and milk. >.<

  6. There ought to be a little stream of ’Eeeeeeeee’s trailing back over Galen’s head in that last frame.

  7. I’ve lived in my share of drafty old houses. You should tack a solid sheet of plastic around the outside of the window frame(s) and then hang a blanket over it/them. Duct tape will just peel the paint off the wall when you go to remove it in the spring. Anywhere you feel cold air blowing, that is where heat is going out. Another trick if you are using a laptop is to build a tent on your bed and work under all of your blankets there. between you and the notebook you may not want to leave. If you have a cat that wont go bananas put that in the tent too. Oh and quit whining, we have had 70cm of snow so far this month. 🙂

  8. The solution that’s been reached over here in Nova Scotia for city snow removal is if the machines can’t cut it flamethrowers are authorized with approrpiete gear. Interestingly they do a great job preventing ice buildup after melt too as they heat up the concrete nicely.

  9. To think Galak was such a goofball. Im going to assume he was at least cutting that arm off to sell the bronze, and not as The Most Underwhelming Political Statement Ever.

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