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  1. O_o (Please don’t tell me that’s the end of the scene T.T)

    I love how it looks like the panels are getting torn off. Also, explosions rock (…literally…).

    …what happened to Bracken and Rhea? Or was she looking in the other direction?

    1. Could be! *twirls mustache* The bolt came past Bracken and Rhea first, so Adrianna here is looking in the other direction.

  2. Bwaahahahahahaaaa…. the vote incentive is awesome ^^ Way to start a week. Made my day anyways.

    Still, I wonder if the tube of some supercolider is such a great secret passage. Sure, they may be no guards but they don’t go there for a reason… ’Sides, judging by the flash, your “alternative ending” is not so far away from the actual one. First thing you see is a blinding flash since light is still faster than the detonation wave.

    1. Supercollider? It’s actually just a normal sewer. Er, filled with energy bolts.

      1. Yeah, pshhht, sure… If I were to live in a magic world, first thing I’d do is building a large, shielding tube, then try to shoot ~realy~ fast magic missiles from both ends into it and then see into what particles the magic thingies break down. Looks pretty similar to what you have drawn here, eh?

  3. Red Moon Rising
    A Michael Bay Film


    Suspensful!!! Can’t wait to see everyone fry in some crazy explosion of chaos and insanity…. I mean be perfectly fine as you keep saying…. lol

    1. I’m not sure what to make of that, it’s almost too horrifying to comprehend.

      1. No they’ll all be fine….. Just keep Michael Bay and the ketchup packets away and everything will turn out juuuust fiiiine.

  4. I’m going to add that to my list of “Famous Last Words” somewhere between, “Where did all this ketchup come from?” and “Don’t worry, we’ll be fi-”

    Of course, that glowy thing COULD be a portal carrying them to the magical land of Oz where they’ll meet munchkins and walk along the Yellow Brick Road an- Oh, wrong story? Oops. lol.

    1. Don’t reckon you would catch Adrianna dead in red ruby slippers, but you never know.

  5. ….So it’s a boomerang lightning bolt? And when did it get white?

    But it’s okay, they’ll all be perfectly fine…

    1. Or did it reach the end of the tunnel and go boom? The perspective in the second panel can go either way. At first I thought it was coming towards them, but as I look at it more, it also looks like it detonated way past them.

      1. You got it! I thought I made as clear as I could, but I can see there’s room for confusion. Oh well, comics are harddd ¯\(°_o)/¯ Will try and do better next time. The bolt appeared in the distance, swept by all four of them and then exploded off in the distance on this page. You can be pretty sure if it exploded near them the comic would be finished right now.

        1. ’Magic bolts fall. Everyone dies.’

          Holding my breath (and subsequently gasping for air) for Wednesday! Hooray for asphyxiation!

        2. Don’t be hard on yourself; the big problem here is in trying to make the two ends of a dark tunnel be identifiable from each other – one-dimensional objects have that problem, just ask an earthworm 😉
          I thought it was pretty clear that it went like you intended, but like with figure-ground illusions, I can definitely see how one can easily miss it.
          I’m not sure if what you intended can be made to be unambiguous in that kind of environment. It’s hard enough to get that kind of three-position scene working in a varied, surface environ. Come to think of it… I don’t remember seeing that kind of scenes much… usually comic scenes take advantage of something like the canonical confrontation, never bothering with more than two “places” per scene: “where we’s at” and “where they’s at”. Maybe in something large-scale like Naruto or something, but they always go for aerial shots for that… reducing it all to “where they all’s at”.

        3. That does make sense, and I’m not actually too worried in this specific instance since, call me lazy, but the characters are supposed to be confused and disoriented by it as well, so…it works for me on that level. Plus I wanted to do it in as few panels/pages as possible, since it was supposed to be a very quick piece of action. I actually spent about five hours (no joke) drawing and redrawing the thumbnail layout for this page to try and improve the clarity of the action, only to revert back to my initial plan which is what you see in the finished page. I tried all these different views of the end of the tunnel exploding, waves of water being pushed forward, Adrianna being knocked back… there’s at least five or six alternate thumbnails for this kicking around in my comics folder now. Sigh.

        4. Woah, we’re out of replies!

          I thought it was about as clear as it could have been without any kind of known landmarks. On the other hand, it also looks like she disintegrated. >.>

        5. Yeah, the replies are limited to nesting five deep so the comment boxes don’t get super tiny. Also, the idea that she’s disintegrated is pretty awesome. But also easily fixed as a misconception when (SPOILER!) she reappears on the next page.

        6. “She’s a witch! She disintegrated me!”
          “She disintegrated you?!?”
          “Well – I got better…”

  6. May she *is* brain damaged already? Maybe this is why she has so much trouble smiling? Or maybe her avoiding explosions part of the brain is damaged? That would surely explain all the explosions.

    1. I can see the explosion-avoidant section of her brain having burned out like 100 pages ago. As for the smiling thing, I think it might just be because the comic so far has just been a horrible ball of stress for her since page 1. Hohoho

  7. Whoa, sorry about the double post… I hit a 505 and apparently ricochet’ed all over the place O_o!

    1. No problem! I think I can delete it anyway, so no big deal. Baaaam

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