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  1. Intense…the lighting is really well done. I really like the comic, keep them coming.

    1. Thanks! It was good fun to paint. 🙂

  2. Did someone just cast magic-missile?
    Did…did they attack the darkness?
    Beautiful page, Ms Rose. As per usual.

    1. To quote Sir Shmoopy of Awesome: I cast flare!!!!

      Everything is better with magic plasma bolts…

      1. Pfffffftt. Oh, you guys.

  3. You should totally draw Galak’s eyebrows smouldering in the next page.

    1. I think you’re making the mistake of assuming he has any eyebrows left.

  4. been sure it was a train 🙂 … now really interested in WTF was that 😉
    Love the comic.

    1. I suppose there could be a tiny train suspended within the energy bolt. And cheers. 🙂

  5. You missed?! How could you miss?! They were like three feet in front of you!

    (Haha, just kidding. Epic page! I love the third panel.)

    1. Who says they missed? Plus it was a bit more than three feet, so who knows. It shall forevvver be a mysteryyy (at least for a few more pages)

      1. It’s actually a quote from the Disney movie Mulan. I thought it was appropriate.

        Also, please stop killing all the cool characters. ;_;

        1. How did I not get that? I love Mulan. D: Oh well. As for the characters… er, um. ¯\(°_o)/¯ I’m sure they’re all A-ok.

        2. You said that a few pages ago, and we all know how *that* turned out… 😀

        3. Let me see… which characters aren’t cool – and so would be acceptable for killing-off…
          Can you think of any?
          Not a lot of them redshirts…
          But I have to say; that bolt is an awesome way to go, if it can’t be avoided. I especially like the arcs coming off the starboard side of it…
          And the eyes – the eyes are what makes it real. When I look at Adrianna’s expressions, it seems like the mage in her is enawed of the power of that bolt, as inconvenient as it is…

  6. Oh boy! Friday updates and all! Just made my day.

    1. Yeah! Friday updates are where all the cool kids are at. 🙂

  7. Gah! I wonder who buys the farm this time!!!
    They need to learn, evading an attack equals killing your companions!
    This adds heaps and heaps of coolness points to Mr. Sneering Forcefield Commissar – he’s ally-friendly too.

    1. Ah, I’m sure they’re all fine. Perfectly fine.

      1. Now where have I heard that before? Right, at the sword of ketchup +4. 😉

        Not gonna lie though, this was pretty fun to read, too.

  8. hmmm. am i the only one seeing a red streak going in the oposite direction? Did Adrianna return fire befor she ducked?

    1. That’s actually supposed to be Bracken’s torch flame getting dragged along by the force of the bolt.

      1. awwww.. and here i was hopeing she’d use her little fireball for something more than a flashlight =)

  9. And here I was thinking they had reached the end of the tunnel, this is much more satisfying somehow.

    1. Why just leave a tunnel when you can be chased out by magical energy bolts?

  10. Oh right, this is why I read this comic despite the disturbing cool-character mortality rate. Because of the aaaaaawesome. Cool lighting rules! As do Friday updates.

  11. This comic is really quite visually pleasing =)

  12. Thank you so much for the regular updates. I really love the story and the wonderful artwork, but I very much appreciate the regular updates that keep a smile on my face and make me excited to see what’s next instead of wondering when I’ll get to see it.

    You do an amazing job. Thanks so much!

    1. No problem! I think regular updates are probably the most important part of doing webcomics, but quite often overlooked. I don’t have a perfect record, but I try pretty hard to keep on top of it and it’s actually gotten easier with the new increased update schedule, believe it or not. Glad to know it’s appreciated, and thank you!

      1. That’s awesome!! <3

        I agree, it is often overlooked. Most of my other favorite webseries are all across the board for updates — even others in the Sage comics thing. You do a great job, and never let quality suffer either to get it done on time. ;3

  13. Oh my good god that is so awesome!

  14. Knocks my socks off, even as the characters are knocked down. I’m not too worried about everyone dying, as then there would be no more comic, and I don’t think you’re quitting.

    Here’s to the crippled survivors!

    1. Well, I wouldn’t kill everyone off. But yes, not anywhere near done with the comic. 🙂

  15. Hm…. looks like Galak’s fingers got a bit blackened there.

    Also, until you said that the orange smear was Bracken’s torch, I thought that the bolt had been following them, not coming at them.

    I love the kind of refracted effect the bolt has on the surroundings. The motion’s really great (as usual).

  16. Not gonna lie . . . that was pretty cool to look at. Love the look on her face, uhoh, Galak, your fingers are a BIT too close for comfort to the glowy thing.

    Moral of the story: All glowy things in RMR (except for the glowy information stick) are bad and should be avoided at all costs.

    1. are you kidding? that green glow information thing got somebody stabbed….

      therefore. it too is bad. *nods*

      1. So, basically, if you ever find yourself in the world of RMR . . . don’t go near the glowy things.

        Alright, seems manageable.

  17. Kamehameha!!!!
    Sorry, but I couldn’t help it 😛

  18. Okay, what about another tutorial about the light effects? (Like you’re not busy enough anyways.)

  19. ! Woah this page is actually really really fantastic. <3 Great motion.

  20. Did this make anyone else think of the Death Star firing, or is that just me?

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