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  1. Great to see you back! With shouting and forceful eff-offs to paperwork, no less.

  2. For me this page almost immediately goes to a ’download flash’ page – which can’t be killed except through task manager. Had to block adverts for your site I’m afraid.

    1. Ughh, sorry about that. Don’t blame you for the adblock. Do you remember anything else about what the ad was for? I make a point of blocking these kind of dodgy ads from the site, so any help tracking it down would be great.

      Is anyone else seeing any wonky ads?

      1. I have seen an ad for an “adult RPG” that I don’t remember the name of on the right occasionally. It had an illustration of a scantily-clad minor (pretty sure she was a minor) on it.

        1. “Puppet Nightmares”? I see it quite often on the right of the page. No pop-ups though.

          Glad to see a new page! I do love this crew and their anti-paperwork Captain.

  3. Yarrrr, the captain is on deck! Glad to see a new page, Rose.

    No unusual Ads to be seen, though. No popups either.

  4. Glad it’s back! … What’s this about freelance work? Anything that might interest your fans? 🙂

  5. Happy anniversary to RMR! I’m glad to know that the hiatus was at least partially related to converting your talent into monies. So much talent should entail much more monies.

    1. Signed and approved…

  6. Also, 28th of Jan is my birthday too! Happy anniversary to both of us! 😀

    p.s.: I’m older than 5, though. Way, waaay older. <..>

  7. Glad to see you back! Seeing that RMR wasn’t dead just made my week, thank you very much. 🙂

  8. Fifth anniversary of the comic? Has it been that long already? Gads. Good to see it’s still going. I’m curious to see what happens next. 🙂

  9. Will these two be shown in the cast section eventually? You put lots of effort into their design after all, they must be important…

  10. Welcome back! And congrats on five years!

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