Bang! And the dirt is gone!

Drawing these two is pretty fun, especially with some mad floor level lighting. Also, airship innards and gubbins and such. A surprising amount of research went into this page!

Elsewhere, I did some filler art for The Zombie Hunters this week, so feel free to go check that out. And finally, it was my birthday on Sunday (hooray) and I got an amazing cake. It’s all coming up Rose!


Page 24

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  1. Happy birthday! And I would like to start a petition for all future characters to be designed with hair like Ezius’ and the Commander’s. I want to touch it.

    1. I’ll take it under advisement! I do like drawing me some hair…

  2. Happy Birthday!
    So – your pic on your Deviantart-page needs some additional numbers, right? ;-))

    1. Haha! Quite a few yes, considering I just turned 26. That image is rather out of date.

      1. 26? Then the “about”-page needs some Update, too. 😉

  3. Hey, Happy Birthday! Thanks for creating Red Moon Rising!

  4. And I thought I would never see banging in this comic! Ah ha HAHAA… I’m sorry…

    Nice page! Happy birthday! 🙂

  5. Erm, hi Rose – I asked a question on your formspring site (maybe send it twice, sorry). Just saying 🙂

    1. Hey! That’s a bit troubling, since I don’t seem to have any questions to answer on formspring. Not sure if it’s not working correctly or what… Either way, I guess you could ask me on here? 🙂

      1. Strange… Well, sure I can ask here 🙂 (Sorry for my grammar, if I mess something up)

        To whom is Adrianna narrating the story? I assumed she told everything Lethe, and there were no text boxes from her perspective since. I checked and she couldn’t be telling the story Rhea or Galak, because she mentions them as subjects. Or is it all in a retrospect, in her mind? I’m curious when we shall reach the “present” moment. If ever.

        1. That’s a really good question! It’s supposed to be, as you suggest, a retrospective from her point of view, which is why there’s no narration from her in scenes where she’s not present. Obviously that includes all of the recent scenes, since Lethe’s death she’s been… elsewhere.

          As for who she’s addressing and when it’s being told, I’m afraid I’d rather not say since there’s no way the answer wouldn’t be full of spoilers. Sorry if that’s not very satisfying!

        2. Fair enough. 🙂 Will be waiting for the next pages then, it’s a great story.

        3. Thank you. 🙂 Sorry for the dwindling updates recently, I’ve been having to take on more commission work to pay the bills and it’s cutting into time I would usually spend on the comic, unfortunately.

  6. Ms. Rose,

    I then I am missing something here. I only recently came upon RMR, but being fascinated with steam punk, I dove right in. The first page I saw had one of the characters discovering that a crystal was missing from somewhere. it was (i thought) the latest installment. I went through (I think) the entire series, but cannot find that one, and now I am confused.

    1. Ok, never mind. I found it in prologue. Still feel confused. Perhaps I need more medication…

      1. Sorry you’re feeling confused 🙁 Let me know if there’s anything I can clarify.

        1. Thank you. No longer confused. Please excuse the ramblings of a doddering old man. Your work is awesome.

  7. Happy new year!
    Hope you’ll be able to get back to RMR, soon.

  8. Rose, where are you? Are you doing okay?? D:

    1. Hey! Sorry for going quiet, I’m hoping to be back to updating by the 28th. To be honest I’ve just been quite busy doing freelance work to pay the bills, and I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out as a result. I didn’t really intend to go on a hiatus this long but, er, here we are.

      Anyway, RMR will be back very soon!

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