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  1. And of course I am immediately tempted to make myself a real life necklace 😀 so is it a metal pendant? Or more along the lines of wood or clay?

    I have to say… I Love the panelling/layout of thus page. It gives such a nice sense of setting and still keeps it from having a bunch of headless floating voices. Beautifu (but isn’t the whole comic?)

    1. The one here is metal, but I think there must be wooden or clay ones kicking around simply out of necessity – I would imagine metal ones are hard to manufacture? Jewellry making not my area, funnily enough. 🙂

      1. It depends on which part of it is metal; chains and catches are rather easy to come by and use nowadays. (My sister is isn’t jewelry making) I imagine that that necklace took some skill to make, but wasn’t particularly challenging for a metalsmith to make.

        1. The actual pendant itself is metal – the… the long bit is, I would expect, a long strip of leather. I am so pro.

          Funnily enough, according to my academic transcript I have a qualification in jewellery making, despite never having made a piece of jewellery in my life. So clearly I know ALL about it. I think my college screwed up somewhere, but I guess I can’t complain.

          I also have separate qualifications in watercolour AND non-opaque painting techniques. Sigh.

        2. (isn’t = into. *hurk* bleh!)

          All in all it’s a fairly simple design, with the right metalcrafter the only thing limiting the number of those you could make would be how much iron/gold you have on hand.

        3. Dude, merchandising tie-in for the comic. Come on, how many fans would want an official symbol of the revolution – especially if it was all classy lookin’ in real life!

        4. I hereby support this notion.
          And to be quite honest, I want to see how far this whole *reply in a reply in a reply* thing can go xD

          Fingers crossed that it doesn’t break the site.

          *insert he usual stuff about how I like your art*

    2. Also, thank you for the panelling/layout compliment. 🙂 I’ve been working extra hard to keep the layouts interesting recently instead of resorting to floating heads, which is a bad habit I’m hoping to kick forever.

  2. What a sober symbol for a rebellion. Also, yay! 2 updates in a row!

  3. Aw, Galak, you don’t need to make up excuses to give a girl a necklace…


    1. Ha ha! So true!

  4. Is the sun on the necklace the symbol, or the flower on the flag?

    1. Ah, I hoped it would be more obvious but I suspect I just made it confusing. The sun on the necklace is Rishara Caan’s symbol, the flower on the flag was supposed to be a bit of a counterpoint – it’s Imara’s insignia.

    2. Renshou’s also wearing it as a brooch in one of the wallpapers I posted recently, if that helps:

      1. Yeah, I noticed that too. I was just wondering because Galak was talking about the symbol for Rishara Caan and then the Imaran flower was there. Thanks for clearing that up!

  5. I somehow have my problems with her fingers in the first panel. They look a little thin.
    Hmm … maybe it’s just me.

    What I like is the banner in the fourth panel. Yeah, I’m weird :O

    1. I used my own hands as a very direct reference for that panel, so… well, I do have pretty skinny fingers now that you mention it. Oh well.

      I think the banner’s probably my favourite part of the page in the end too, haha. A spin-off webcomic featuring the banner and its wacky adventures is forthcoming, I’m sure.

      1. Spin off comics are ALWAYS a good idea. Always.

        1. “Bob the Banner”. Oh wait, would that infringe copyright…

        2. Not necessarily. That sounds like it would be more of a satirical piece.

        3. I feel compelled to mention at this point that I adore this comments section. Carry on.

        4. What does that mean, Kyethn? Will there be no spin-off? 🙁

          I was already thinking about Bob’s sidekick Peter the Pendant and their arch nemesis Skinnyfinger III Esq. (noble but nasty).
          We should also consider to bring this to cinemas. Maybe Keanu Reeves could…

  6. I came by this update a bit late. I must say that I absolutely adore your artwork.

    I also have to mention that Imara’s symbol looks a lot like the symbol it the Imperial House of Japan, the chrysanthymum flower. Yes, it is notably different but the look is similar 😉

  7. I just found this webcomic, and I really like it so far. But I just HAVE to comment on the medallion. Specifically, the symbol.
    As an avid MtG player, I find it very similar of the insignia of the Orzorv Syndicate. It’s pretty odd to see the rebels use the symbol of the guild focusing on power through faith and servitude (if not oppression).

  8. A bit late finding your comic, but in answer to your question I envision the pendant as glass or some clear stone that is etched, then the etched part being gilded, with a band of metal around the outside edge.

    Enjoying the comic. Thank you.

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