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  1. Woo-hoo! Congrats on the end of a chapter. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Whoa, the last panel is just… nice, really.
    I would use my usual repertoire (awesome and so on) but this panel is really pleasant to look at. soothing one might say.

    And I am looking forward to the new stuff.

    Other readers: We have to push her into the top hundred at TWC again
    before next week, what do you say?
    Would be pleasant present for the start of the new chapter \o0/

    1. I second that! 😀

  3. Panels 3 and 4 are really nice! Super pumped for the next chapter! 😀

  4. OMG somewhat-polite Adrianna, it must be a first.

    can’t wait to read next chapter! 🙂

  5. The last panel just exudes warm fuzzy feelings. The beginnings of a beautiful friendship….

    1. Blood running down from your nose also creates a warm, fuzzy feeling. Except most people dont notice it because of the pain that acompanies it… I’d be carefull if i were Galak.

      But congratulations on the final pages! Take your time to rest your wrist. I believe the problem allready occured some months ago, so don’t push it. No deadline is worth your health.

      1. Actually it doesn’t feel like anything, more like having a hair up your nose. So when you reach up to wipe it off you come back with your hands covered in blood. Subsequent panic and scrambling for cotton/kleenex ensues.

  6. I really like pannel three and looking forward to the next chapter! have you considered self publishing this in a book format. I would be very interested in a copy RMR!

  7. Started reading this about a month back. It usually takes quite a bit for me to get latched on to a narrative comic, but I’m really digging this one. The world you’ve created looks fantastic!

    Definitely take care of that wrist, though :/

  8. Loving the story and the art-style, I’m hooked!

    Sorry to hear about your wrist, hope it gets better soon~

    – S

  9. Congratulations on another chapter. I for one am really appreciating the hard work you are putting into RMR!

    It’s really interesting to see how your art has evolved over the course of the novel as well. I really liked it at the beginning, and it’s just got better and better.

  10. Oh noes, conclusion ensues! 😉
    The journey is often much better than the destination 😀
    Get your wrist healed up. I don’t remember how you injured it but Tiger Balm works well, even if it smells of spice and camphor oil. The red is better than the white for that sort of injury. Definitely, heal the wrist before re-stressing it.
    Not only is the art excellent, you tell a good yarn as well.

    1. Or is that ’spin a good tale’ ? 😉

  11. vote incentive = beautiful

    …y’know what, Rose?
    You suck.
    Because you make me despair of ever being an artist.
    Because you’re that awesome and stuff.

    Also, please get yourself a wrist brace or some super pain relievers or something. Because I’m selfish: I don’t think I could cope without RMR. *whimper*

  12. Don’t mess around with your wrist…! Let it heal. Be patient.
    I think that expanding your physical abilities by learning to use the other hand is worth the effort. Strange and wonderful things happen in the brain when you do that, like its rewired and more powerful.

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