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  1. It’s okay, you can tell me everything. I won’t tell anyone.

  2. After 3 years of toying with the possibilities you probably have a good sense of what’s next. Uncertainty will keep you sharp- looking for the best-fitting images. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing it can’t be wrong. You know it.

  3. It looks great so far, though I do wonder why Lethe’s looking at her like that….Is the fifth panel someone holding something? Because for a moment, I had a vivid image of something shiny next to a nose.

    1. It’s a hand holding the railing of the bed. 🙂 (Took me awhile to understand the picture as well.)

    2. Cheese Is Delicious

      I’m pretty sure he’s staring at her because he is, in fact, a male who may or may not have inappropriate thoughts about her.
      Also, everything in this current story arc has been leading up to this moment. You should probably reread the comic.

  4. I really like the page 🙂 .
    I’m sure you’ll do great while working on this chapter, don’t worry. I agree with Glennnn here.

  5. Awkward moments :
    Yeah, so, I’m sorry I got you pregnant and all… and now I got your husband run through with a sword… I didn’t mean to! I think…

  6. Hard work it may be, but the art is amazing. So it’s not all bad ;).

  7. I am normally just a lurker, but in your response to not letting perfectionism get in the way…

    This is probably the most haunting scene I have seen in a web comic, its beautiful.

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