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  1. Impressive.
    It looks like her husband is either dead or passing slowly. (From what we have seen of their medical technology, this could be a nearly always fatal wound.)
    This red you use makes the atmosphere. I doubt if anything else would work quite so well. It mirrors their feelings.
    It says more than they can.
    Great emotions bound into this page.

    1. Thanks Glenn. He’s not quite dead yet, but you’re not far wrong.

      I spent a while thinking about the colour scheme for the night scenes like this – it’s generally accepted wisdom that night time colours are quite desaturated and cool, but I realised that with a red moon rather than a white one, that wouldn’t quite be the case in my world. So I had to get a bit creative. Plus I hope the red is a bit ominous. A lot is going to happen in the next few scenes.

      1. If you’ve ever been close to passing out or going into shock the whole world becomes deep red. You blend it in to everything so that its less than obvious, but filling the scene with this almost physical sensation of stress. ( ! ! ! )
        Also there is artificial lighting to think of, like street lights & torches in addition to light from the sky.
        But looking at the last few pages as only a few minute’s span, and it being close to sun-down is almost the poetic way of saying that a life is ending.

        1. I love your point about artificial lighting. I have very distinct memories as a kid of seeing the red glow on the horizon from light pollution over Glasgow when coming back from visiting my grandmother. Also winters when the snow reflected the street light so strongly that everything outside was cast in this bizarre red light in the middle of the night. It was always very eerie, those memories have really stuck in my mind.

        2. How about the Aurora- the Norther Lights?

        3. Somehow you’ve managed to plant your finger squarely on the one thing I want to see more than anything else in the entire world. Unfortunately Glasgow (and now Dundee) aren’t far enough north that I’ve ever had the pleasure. I hear you can see them in Aberdeen (and there’s an old song to that effect) but I don’t think it’s a common occurrence. Still, some day!

        4. To really see it you need to be above the Artic Circle. A few months ago there was a time-lapse video made by someone on a passenger jet going over the polar route. Very beautiful but brief !

        5. Guess I should start planning a trip to Tromsø, then!

        6. The southern polar lights are closer by, if not exactly close.

          Also not a lot of consumer travel in that direction, so maybe Tromsø or Lapland is more affordable anyway. Finnish Lapland may be less cloudy than the norwegian coastal climate, but I can’t say for certain.

          But Finnish Lapland is also the famous home of the Yule Puck , that’s gotta be worth something, eh?

        7. Er, maybe the aurora australis is closer by for you, but I’m quite deep in the northern hemisphere over here. Not in New Zealand any more. 🙂

          But yes, I think it would be hard to get to Antarctica. And I’m intrigued by this “Yule Puck” you describe, haha.

  2. I like how he almost starts talking but then changes his mind. Good idea with the half speech bubble.

    1. Thanks. 🙂 It’s those little things that make me really like doing comics.

      1. Much better than nothing there. He can’t say anything. He doesn’t know how to say it, obliterating that thought.

  3. LOVE the cut off speech bubble. This page says so much with absolutely no text at all. Beautiful work!

  4. Noooo Saiamaaaahahahaaaarrrr…

    Renshou is absolutely beautiful in this page.

    1. ohhhh weellllllll

      And thanks. 🙂

  5. Given the subtle humor exhibited in this story I couldn’t tell if Lethe was trying to think of what to say and changed his mind, or if he suffered one of those moments where you don’t talk for like three hours, forget to clear your throat, and try to speak only to hear a heinous, alien gurgle.

    After some consideration I went with the former, since Lethe’s own facial expression looked more thoughtful than embarrassed ;DD

  6. I lol’d at the second panel. I know it’s supposed to be dark, but I couldn’t help myself…

  7. luv the broken speech balloon! Brilliant!

  8. Really beautiful, restrained scene! Don’t stress over late updates – the artwork and story here are good enough to wait for…

  9. I swear, every time I look at a page I notice something new, in this case, the ghost of a text-bubble in the second panel. Says so much without saying anything at all…

    Great job as always!

  10. The art is gorgeous, as well as… uh, you get the drift, I say this every time I comment.
    But people, we had Rose up at 106th in TWC, now she is back at 152 >.<
    I need to vote more foten <.<

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