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  1. Lethe shows his capability of doing something not entirely foolish,
    I am quite surprised 😀
    Well, but I think he didn’t calculate with the hot-headedness of his (half) sister.
    She will manage to ruin it all, I’d bet on it.

    And damn this lighting is beautifull.
    And her expression in panel 1.

    Thanks for another awesome page \o.o/

    1. No problem. 🙂 Thanks for reading! As for plot stuff, I guess we’ll see!

  2. You forget that your sister may not give you a choice in matters and will act accordingly.

    1. Well, judging by her previous record, I’m sure she’ll be disappointed but calm about this turn of events.

      1. fourthingsandalizard

        Gotta be it.

        1. I am rooting for a good ol *goodbye-nose-break*
          Cause thats what siblings do, right?

          He would at least have something to remember him by when his Spaceship
          (wich will be just a more detailed version of the airships)
          crashes into the Red Moon on his way home.

  3. “I have to go now. My country needs me”

    **Note: Lethe died on the way back to his home country**

    1. Dude. Spoilers. 😐

      Edit: Also, I think you’ll find Lethe is an alien, so he’s going back to his home planet. Obviously.

  4. Huh… I somehow hoped for an indecisive battle between Renshou and Danil. There wasn’t a real battle of mages in the comic yet, aside from Adrianna facemelting poor Samara. But looks like epic fireworks wont happen anytime soon. Though Lethe may get his ass kicked by Adrianna.

    1. Pssshh, like anyone wanted to see an epic magic battle.

  5. Updates make me happy 😀 /hands out cookies/

    1. Cookies! I should update more often. 😀

      1. Yes. Yesyoushould.

  6. Are we forgetting Mr. Uses-his-fingers-as-imaginary-pistol?

    1. Huh, yeah. He’s probably still hiding in a shrub somewhere. But the finger-pistol won’t work on the good old colonel there.

      1. Well someone told him “You know what to do”, and it’s been a long time since that happened so “what to do” didn’t involve just catching up to Lethe.
        It might involve running to get “that thing we used to kill Robohand”.
        Then we shall see what we shall see… 😀

        1. Oh hell no, I don’t want Danil shot before he had the chance to seriously scorch some ass with his magic madskills. Besides, Danil has his shield thingie, which protected him from the blast in the very first chapter.

        2. Oh I’m not saying it’ll work!
          I’m just saying that whatever happens they’ll probably have a good ol’ laff about it when the smoke clears.

          I mean, I’m sure it will all end amicably… right?

  7. And then Adrianna fried everyone.
    The end.

    1. Because on that day she found her True Self, and it turned out that she was really the most powerful fire-mage that would ever exist?

        1. So, you’re saying that her nascent mightiest-of-ye-all being was triggered by the mindprobing? Of course, that makes so much sense!!
          What else could the barfing mean?!? 😉

  8. It looks like Lethe has decided to become responsible, for a change. His shinnanigans has already cost Imara a Lower Councilman,Saiamar his life, Renshou her husband, blew Galak’s cover, and lost Adrianna her job. That’s not just music; he has to face an entire symphony! He’ll have to go a long way to find a rock that no one will find him under.

  9. I think someone’s going to blow up on the next page; that was just too easy…

  10. Quick, someone make Adrianna smile, we need an explosion! Doubletime!

  11. *Falls to the ground wailing*

    Noooo. I caught up! Now I have to wait like everyone else! *nibbles fingernails*

  12. @Kyethn, I think I enjoyed your comments as much as the update.

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