Speak up, Lethe.

Dee-Con was awesome! I met a few readers (special shout out to Jamie for being lovely) and
Dave Shirley who is super nice. But mainly I drew a lot of portraits. Oh man, so many portraits. They sort of swim in front of my vision when I close my eyes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get any photos – I pretty much had to use the camera non-stop for taking pictures for portraits, and then drawing from for portraits. I am definitely charging more for portraits next year. Portraits portraits.

Edit: Forgot to say, I did a relatively massive run of prints for the con and managed to pay them all off while still having loads left. While it does mean I’m all set if I want to go to another con, I was thinking of possibly selling some over the site. Thoughts?


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  1. Here the Colonel actually seems like a good cop. That he works for a scum-bag system is besides the point. However, Lethe did actually steal that datra crystal. Lethe is the bad-guy here.

    1. I like your reasoning here a lot, though I don’t want to say too much until the next page is up. Pretty much the same thought has just occurred to Lethe, though.

      1. This thought, would it be something like this: “Why did I do this, again?!?”?

        I agree that the colonel is being very reasonable, but I can’t help but think he’s working his way to saying “Hold still, please, this will only hurt until it kills you!”

  2. s/datra/data/
    Someday this programmer/writer will learn how to type. 😉
    BTW, I am very glad that you had a good time. If possible, maybe next time you could bring a friend with a spare camera 😉

    1. I did bring my friend Abi to help man the table, and I suspect I wouldn’t have sold anything without her there. 🙂 Missed a trick on the spare camera, though. Next time!

  3. Commander Fabulous

    Hahaha! Aww, shucks, I’m flattered! This is that one Jamie kid by the way, unless there were two. In which case DAMN HIM FOR STEALING MY GLORY. *shakes e-fist impotently* I just thought my rampant fanboyism came off as slightly creepy rather than lovely. And I will admit I did mostly lie about mooching about the comments threads. I have a tendency to almost post things then get distracted and leave before I finish… I’m sure that must be a metaphor for my life. XD
    Anyway, hewwo! ’Twas cool to meet you, and I would have willingly paid more for a portrait, it was purdy! And now has an honourary place on my wall 😀

    1. Happy to say you’re one of a kind! And no, I was very very flattered. 🙂 I would go so far as to say it was one of the highlights of the day for me, so thanks for showing up. And I’m glad you like the portrait – blood sweat and tears went into that, haha.

  4. “…you gave me up?” Umm, Lethe, it´s more like “…that b*tch sold ´ya out!”

  5. Never take your eyes off the incinerator. +10 internets to who gets where I altered that one from ^^

    1. Ahem… It’s, “Never take your eyes off the interceptor.” [bodyslam]

      1. _Did_ say “altered.” [Bodyslam unnecessary to gain your +10 internets.]

        1. Wow. Be careful man, I think that’s a +10 Vorpal Internets!!!

  6. Right now i´m listening to “Don’t let me be Misunderstood” from Santa Esmeralda – IMHO that´s pretty much the soundtrack for this page, and for what´s coming up next.

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