Ah. Nice one, Galak.

Trying to be a bit more timely with the updates, but I think I only get partial credit for updating on a Wednesday this week. I was thinking of perhaps moving the update day one last time to Thursday?


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  1. What, you’re trying to DELAY OUR FIX?!? Mind the withdrawal symptoms, woman!

    Anyway, I’m sure you know or at least can find out what works best for you.

    1. Haha, sorry! I have increasingly less time to work on RMR during the weekends right now, so it feels like every update in the last couple of months has been late or delayed until the next week, which is kind of crummy for everyone reading. I think I’m going to go ahead with switching the update day to Thursday and hope that isn’t too much of a hassle for anyone.

  2. I swear, I keep falling ever more in love with your comic… How is that even possible?
    It really strikes a chord with me and I love watching your style progress. It is so atmospheric <3
    How can it be that I adore all aspects of Red Moon Rising (from plot to execution)so much, when usually I am happy if a book or comic satisfies one of my expectations (good story, good plot twists, good art/writing style).
    I am just really excited to be reading this – even though the time between pages does tend to be a bit long… But I don't care! Just don't leave us hanging with an incomplete story! I will hunt you down and kill you if you do! *determined*

    1. Thank you so much! I’m pretty painfully aware of the awkward gap between updates, it’s probably the one aspect I’m least happy with about the comic at the moment. If I could get back into updating regularly twice a week and maintain the same standard I’d be ecstatic, but right now that’s just a long term goal.

      The pages are taking a bit longer than they used to as I fuss over the art and layouts and pacing, and I’ve been getting increasingly more engrossed in getting the script just right. I’m really happy with where RMR is and where it’s going, it’s just rather a lot for one person to handle with any sense of timeliness, unfortunately.

      But my art is getting faster again, so hopefully some day I can push forward with more updates. Nothing would make me happier!

      As for leaving you hanging with an incomplete story, well, that just isn’t going to happen. You can count on me seeing this through! The one thing I knew for sure when starting RMR was that it would be the kind of story that’s nearly worthless without a good ending. We’re not quite at the half way point yet, so you can bet I’ll be here posting pages for the next few years at least, and once RMR is done I’ll just start a new comic.

      Man, I love comics!

      1. 😀 You make me happy!

    2. I couldn’t agree more!

      Well, except for the hunting down and killing part; that sounds suspiciously like too much work, especially since I don’t believe our esteemed artist/author would ever intentionally abandon her work. 🙂

  3. Hi, formerly nameless lurker here. Love the comic and also understand life/circumstances get in the way of schedules. A number of comics I read have recently had the same issues.

    As I reader, I would much rather an artist change the schedule to something they know they can handle and let the readers know, than to continually delay update schedules they just can’t meet.

    One other comic did that recently and it was totally fine. I just adjusted my bookmarks to match the new schedule.

    A high quality comic takes time to create, this is understood. The majority of readers will be fine with a new schedule if that is something you can commit to. Personally, I would be perfectly happy stopping by once a week instead of twice a week if I knew something new was posted than stopping by twice but only finding one new page.

    I’m rambling so I’ll stop but I think you can pick out what I’m trying to say. Life is a journey, keep us informed and we will come along for the ride!

    Oh, and love the comic. Story and art are great!

    1. “… I would be perfectly happy stopping by once a week instead of twice a week…” – Dude, why don´t you just stop by everyday and vote on TWC? 😉

      1. Haha! Leave the poor man alone.

    2. Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂 And thanks for voicing your support, it does make me feel a lot better about the updates.

      I fully understand how annoying it is for a webcomic to have a flaky update schedule (I read a lot of them myself, after all) so getting the pages done on time is my main priority at the moment, particularly after going through a period where I’ve struggled to do that.

      Anyway, thanks for being understanding. All the comments I’ve received about this sort of thing have been ridiculously reasonable, and I think as an author I’m incredibly lucky to have yourself and other people like you as readers. The thought of working on RMR for the next several years with this kind of community… well, I think to say I’m content would be quite an understatement. Thanks, guys.

  4. Andrew said it perfectly! As long as you keep us posted, I can wait as long as it takes. 🙂 Your artwork & story is totally worth it! That’s the key though, lol!, you have to promise to keep us updated and you’re usually really good at that, so I’m not worried. One of the saddest things to me is when a webcomic goes silent and the author never says anything, just disappears into the ether. *sigh*

    1. Man, you guys are the best. Thanks for all the support and patience, I really do appreciate it! I’ll be sure to stay communicative, having read my fair share of webcomics that just faded into nothing… that’s a real shame. There’s a couple I still think about, so I’m pretty determined not to turn into one myself. I’m here for the long haul!

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