They had nothing to do with it, guv!

So I was recently
interviewed on the Crooked Comic Cast by the lovely Nathan Elias! If you want to hear me waffle about art and such, I’d imagine this is a good choice of listening material!

The podcast more generally is a great listen if you’re interested in comics, big thumbs up. Nathan’s an excellent host.


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  1. I’m sure if you present a reasonable and well-thought-out explanation in your defense, the authorities will definitely be understanding and patient.
    How has he managed to remain this naïve?

    1. Naïve or extremely driven? Depends who you ask, I guess.

      As for the authorities, you’re absolutely correct, I’m sure they’ll come around.

  2. Wow, Rose. You’re so Scottish (modest)! “Don’t even think you’re something special, lass!” I imagine someone saying that to you in the voice of groundskeeper Willie. 🙂
    Interview was quite interesting, though.
    Really liking the page and the directness of the conversation (does that make sense?).

    1. Oh, and that (probably?) upcoming science fiction story you talked about definitely got me intrigued.

      1. Ha! I don’t think modesty is actually a particularly Scottish trait, just how I prefer to operate. It seems to have served me well so far, anyway.

        Glad you like the notion of the new story. I’ll be sure to mention it here again when I’ve got more to show!

  3. I thought RMR was done some time ago, and that you were on to other things.
    It’s nice that it’s still going, since (even after listening to the interview) I still don’t know what’s going on at so many levels of the story.
    I know it’s the style of the narrative to disclose information as it develops, the reader picking facts up here and there, so that it becomes more interesting, but we still don’t know what those damned green crystals are for, or why they’re so damned important! (For example)

    The brief description of the cut-off colony just brought in the beautiful images of how an alien world could appear in a new web-comic. The most obvious pitfall to avoid would be to make not just a story about people fighting monsters but to give them a real purpose and dynamic to find out who they are and why that’s important. Also to keep the cast of characters to only a few important people will definitely make the story easier to write and illustrate.

    -Listening to the interview about half way through I decided that you have a very musical voice. Maybe that’s all you need to be a musician or composer.

    1. The green crystals are information (pg 147) that theoretically contain military secrets (195). I think there has to be something more to Rhea’s vague explanation though, because why would the rebellion be trying so hard to steal something that they only knew contained a certain category of information, but not any specifics about what they might find inside. “Military secrets” could mean anything. Like the menu setup for the next year, where the Ashuli military will slowly be incorporating gluten-free, free range, and vegan options.

      1. You can be sure they have a slightly better idea of what’s on it than they let on to Adrianna, though it’s probably worth keeping in mind that they’ve seen the intense lengths Ashul(and Danil especially, who got himself killed trying to get it back) has gone to in order to get the crystal back – clearly it’s something rather important.

        So, like, menu setup for the top brass or something idk

    2. Not at all! I hope I didn’t accidentally give the impression that the comic had finished at some point.

      I agree there’s a lot of unanswered questions at this point, but mostly by design(some by oversight and necessity though, alas). Secret’s right that it’s about information, though, and there will be a lot of reveals about that in the coming arc, particularly regarding that crystal. It’s still the focus of everyone’s attention, after all.

      I’m very excited about this new story for all the reasons you mentioned, there’s lots of potential for really interesting visuals. Also writing something a bit shorter and more focused than RMR as you said – more like a film-length screenplay than a big disjointed ongoing story.

      As for monsters… you know, I hadn’t really even considered that as an angle, so I don’t think you need to worry too much. Flora and fauna are obviously a key part of any setting, particularly an alien one, but I was thinking something a bit more subtle and insidious. Humanity has a way of shunting everything out of the way to make room for what we want, so I’d like to explore that a bit.

      Here’s like… the only bit of concept art I’ve done for it. Birds are so interesting, I kind of want to make a bunch of weird bird designs and run with that.

      Also, I’d never thought of myself as having a particularly interesting voice, so that’s nice of you to say, haha. Interesting idea as well… I don’t think it’s quite as simple as that, but I do hum out every part of a piece before notating it, so maybe there’s something to it.

      1. Hmmm. They have birds there!
        A few suggestions as to alienness and the strange qualities of life on some far-flung planet:
        The atmosphere and gravity aren’t the same as here, leading to some adaptation on the (now native) humans, and those creatures that evolved there might be larger or smaller, taller or flatter, with the relative weight of their bodies there.
        Likewise the length of the days and nights, which would be sure to interfere with a physical body almost designed by a 24-hour cycle, a 30-day moon, the standard Terran year vs. one that could last 50% more or less and still put the new settled planet within the comfort zone for habitation. (The general tone of an eternal Winter, or the harshness of long dry barren hot empty places where water is precious.)
        Also, RUINS. Of the early Terran settlers, wiped out through conflict or disease or some volcanic activity, or a “Lotus-eater” drug from a plant that grows there.
        Other Ruins of some ancient folk that pre-date everything, and contain “magic.”
        An heirloom passed down from the first-landing days (that turns out to be some kind of glorified garage-door opener, or TV remote.
        Or some article that’s hundreds of years old that the scavengers find in an abandoned (ruined) building.
        Remember, the best thing about ruins is that the perspective is easier to get right!

      2. I forgot (sorry) Re: Your musical voice-
        You know anyone who’s tone-deaf and rhythm-challenged? Chances are they speak in sort of a monotone. Your voice is the external part of that sonic-selection process in your mind. You hear all the time about the importance of stimulating children’s minds by doing things like playing Mozart, even when they’re asleep. It must all start somewhere.
        The suggestions I offered might help you in the “World-building” process, or they might not, or you might think of something else that rebounds-off that rings true.
        The important thing is that the premise of the story has that grit of reality, that little twist that communicates some strange concept. Good SF needs that…

  4. Hi Rose, i just strolled through your recent twitters; yes, an unfortunate outcome IMHO, still i hope all turns out well for you and for you Scots, but if you somehow _really_ plan on leaving the UK for Germany some day, you´re more than welcome here!!
    Oh, and Glenn is right – you have a beautiful voice. 😉

    1. Heh, right now i remembered a question i always wanted to ask, but forgot to everytime: Do you (or your family) belong to a scottish clan?

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