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  1. Calm is over, here comes the storm!
    Well … thought that might sound cool or something…

  2. “Do not follow, repeat, do not follow… route has been compromised severely…”
    Sounds like someone else tried something before they could stop arguing and try something. Moral of the story? Don’t argue, or other people will steal the same military secrets you want.
    Or it could be entirely unrelated. I guess.

    1. Good eyes! I didn’t even try to read it =)

    2. Yes! Very good eyes. I couldn’t quite make it out, lol.

  3. The green blinking light reminded me of The Great Gatsby just now o___o

    1. Spoiler: the rebels secretly financed their operations by smuggling alcohol

  4. “Unlike your BRAIN!”
    That’s… brilliant. Just brilliant.

  5. Loving the page and the banter… “Unlike your BRAIN!” *snort, snicker* Also love how you gave the impression of static with the radio.

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