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  1. Wheeeeeeee!!!! Off on holiday then!!
    Don’t forget your protection suit.
    And of course, GOGGLES!!!!

  2. Cheers Rose!
    Don’t feel bad about the vacation, everyone needs their time off, so don’t hesitate and enjoy whatever landscape you’ll end up having in front of you for the next days. The work wont run away but on the other side, neither will your readers so go have some fun.

  3. Have a nice vacation!

  4. Can the update next week be just that last panel with Radek holding the cake by himself and looking bewildered though

  5. Enjoy your vacation!

    We’ll be here, waiting patiently for your return. 🙂

  6. Nothing better than a corpse to spice the party !

    Have a nice holiday, dear author !

  7. Schönen Urlaub, Frau Loughran! 😉

  8. Enjoy your vacation and don’t fret about the update! 🙂

  9. Thanks, everyone. You’re all awesome. 🙂

  10. Yay for vacation!! You totally deserve it Rose & no worries we’ll all be here wondering what flavor of cake it might be, lol!! 😀

    1. Thanks! And good question! I might leave it ambiguous. That way it’ll always be your favourite flavour.

  11. Holy [insert curse of choice here], I adore this coloring. Like, inexpressibly.

    1. Thanks! The lighting in this scene was a bit of an impulsive choice, in the script it’s merely a big party rather than a disco-rave. Colouring is fun.

  12. I thought I posted this comment earlier, but turns out that didn’t happen. Anyway, just wanted to say that I’m really loving the lineart, in addition to the coloring. Every line is so concise and elegant :’)

    1. Someone noticed! I’ve been filling a lot of sketchbooks recently, doing a lot of sketching and inking since I feel like my character drawing and line quality have always lagged behind the colour work a bit, and I would often end up fixing it in the colouring stage to make up for it. Much less so recently, though, and getting the new tablet helped a lot. Cheers!

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