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  1. I hope it wasn’t because you tried to eat a giant cake…!
    Anyway, lots of fluids and rest. Enjoy!
    If it gets really tough-going, ONLY water for drinking or cooking that has been boiled.

  2. ROFL Sam, to-the-point as always. Way to ruin a the party.

    And glad to hear you’re feeling better. I’ve apparently caught something nasty and I’m stuck in bed too.

  3. Really like the colorfullness of these last few pages, love you rose this is worth the wait

  4. Addressing the second in command before the captain? What an affront!

  5. Hrhr, no “mincing words”, no small talk, but straight to the point. Guess Samara has german ancestry… 😉

  6. …I’d like to know what is happening in the meantime in the Dakaia’s interrogation room…

  7. I like the change in lighting. It really fits the mood XD

  8. I think Samara is dealing with the unreality of the whole situation in the only way she knows how: by sticking to her mission parameters and military training.

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