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  1. Okay, this is probably a silly detail, but I really like the highlight on her cheek in the first panel. Don’t know why, but it stands out to me.

    Glad to hear your new tablet is working so well for you! 🙂

    1. Actually, the highlight on her cheek was one of the areas of the page I was tweaking right until I posted it, trying to get it just right. Most of the time I figure those sort of things don’t get noticed, but I end up working away on them anyway. Suddenly I feel validated. 😀

      New tablet is great! I hope it lasts as long as my last one did, since it’s an absolute joy to work with.

  2. YARRRRRRGGGGHH! Stupid Oblivion portal imps! HAVE AT THEE with your Fireballs and yer clawing!

    1. I’m actually avoiding the Oblivion gates since I already did the main storyline last time I played when the game originally came out. This time I’m focusing on all the mods that have come out since then. No stupid portal imps for me. 😀

  3. Hi there… I am reading your commet a while now, guess its time to say hello.
    Oblivion Mods, good ones at that? Unic Landscapes for starters, it really looks quite awesome.
    Weaponery I can give recommendations for? Ardonay Elven Sabres (i think that was the name…), the Real Sword series…
    If you are into mor mortal combat with improved moves and people that die when you stab them when they are sleeping AND you aren’t afraid of gore and some more intense modding procedures (takes some time to get thsi one running) I can recommend deadly reflexes.
    You are into werewolves? Well, try curse of Hircirne… werewolves skin, feeding animations, stuff.
    BananaSplits Better Cities are allways a recommendation. cause the cities really are much more believable after the mods are applied.
    Crowded roads is a must have (does exactly what the name says… travelers on the road) as well as… oh, guess it was quite much up until now, if you are looking for something specific e-mail me (as an admin you should be able to see the provided e-mail adress, right?), I am willing to help.
    I must admit that my Oblivion folder was twice its size after all mods where applied but it was worth it^^

    1. As you might notive I am not a person with english as its mother tongue.
      So should there be any… problems in terms of understanding my comments or if there are grammatical errors that are severe, please correct me.
      Thanks and stuff… hitting the bed now, cya

      1. Thanks, Jef! I didn’t have any trouble understanding your english, so no worries. 🙂 I hadn’t heard of any of those, so I’m working my way down the list right now. I’m not especially savvy when it comes to modding, but it seems like a lot of the best mods require a bit more technical know-how, so I’m reading up as I go. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Very well drawn, thanks. Can wait for the book!
    hint, hint

    1. Nice to know there would be at least a few people willing to buy a book if I ended up getting this thing printed. 🙂 Rest assured, when the time comes I’ll make a big fuss over it to try and drum up interest.

  5. Gorgeous as per always. Keep up the amazing work, Rose! Oooh, intrigue!

    (Yes, I would totally spring for a hardcopy of this when it’s ready. 😀 If there’s any Canadian equivalent to Baconaise I’ll send some of that, too!)

    1. Thanks! I worry about scenes like this since they could easily turn into talking heads, if it hasn’t already. Still, intrigue is the aim as ever…

      Interest in a printed book seems to be growing. 🙂 I’m giving it serious thought now, though unfortunately I know very little about print standards and what-not. Still, it’s definitely a “when”, not an “if”.

  6. I would like one to, if there is the chance of books being published… but shipment to Germany is wanting to much, isn’t it?

    1. I think shipping to Germany would be fine since I actually live in the UK – most of my readers are American, however, so if I did do a book international shipping would really be a necessity, assuming I got it printed locally. I have no idea how this sort of thing works, though.

      1. Hm, should have figured out due to the timestamps shown when I post…

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