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  1. I technically had TV at my own flat, but I never actually watched it. Then I moved back in with my mum a couple of months ago, and she has her TV on most nights of the week. So, I know the “intriguing moving image box” sensation.

    I’m happy for you that all your stuff is working again 🙂 Also, I like how the lighting in this update is soft and misty on one hand, but highly contrasted on the other with the deep shadows and silhouettes. (Wow, that was a seriously awkward explanation…) Keep up the good work ^^

    1. I have to admit that this page was late partially due to the fact that there was a Studio Ghibli film on one of the many, many channels we suddenly acquired at about 3pm today, and I just couldn’t help myself. My new flat has a nice living room with nice couches and a big TV (courtesy of one of my flatmates), which is something I haven’t had for three years now, so settling down to watch a film is extremely tempting now. 🙂

      Thanks! 🙂 Most of the shading and highlighting is hard edged, but in the last few pages I’ve been off-setting it by adding some soft bloom over the highlights, which I guess is what’s catching your eye. I was a bit concerned at first that the heavy shadows in the inking would be a bit too much, but I thiiiink it’s all blending well enough so far.

  2. I can’t help but picture you staring in puzzlement at a Soviet-esque television like the one from the first chapter going “what manner of trickery is this?!”

    I too am well behind how you managed the twist in this chapter; even if it did contain less reaction shots of Darth Vader saying “Oh snap!” than I would like. But you know, sensitive shading and highlighting is good too. I guess.

  3. Poor Airin… 🙁 You ain’t got no magic. And your “dad” is really your stepdad. 🙁 That’s not righteous.

    Seriously though, excellent job on setting up the tension here. I love it. You did a great job of conveyeing the character’s emotions and worries. ::thumbs up:: Honestly, as always, I can’t wait til the next update. 🙂

  4. O_O I think you need to start submitting your work to a publisher to see if you’ll get RMR taken on for cash. Unless you’ve got your heart entirely set upon keeping it as a webcomic… because what you have right now could so easily be made into something that I’d pick up out of my local comic shop and drool over.

    At the very least, see if you can start applying for competitions in illustration magazines? XD You’re doing so well… I can’t help but think that you’d wind up getting much more praise for this if you kept aiming even higher!

    1. To be honest I’m pretty set on keeping RMR free to view online, I’d rather have the kind of freedom online publishing offers, even if it isn’t as immediately lucrative or recognised or what have you.

      As for competitions in illustration magazines… I wasn’t really aware of any! I don’t buy magazines since I find they end up being quite expensive overall, but I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

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