And that’s a wrap for chapter 2*! Chapter 3 will start promptly on Monday, along with a big announcement. Hopefully there’ll be some sort of cover for chapter 3 up between then and now, but considering chapter 2 doesn’t have a cover page yet… you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

Additionally, Red Moon Rising has joined the Rampage Network! Among other things, this means there’s a forum now, which is a rather scary proposition for me since I don’t like forums too much and I’m also almost certain I don’t have enough readers to support one er, awesome. As a solution, I’m going to go with what I know best and start posting sketches and stuff up over there to try and lure people over.

And the new vote incentive is an image of Lethe I did for a banner ad recently that no one will probably ever see because it is a well wonky size.

*Note: This was originally the end of chapter 2.

This was a bit of a tricky page since the layout kept shifting about and I couldn’t really settle on whether to add an explosion sound effect since everything I added seemed very redundant. I’m not sure there needs to be one, but who knows. Thoughts? Also, never painted an explosion before, but I guess there has to be a first time for everything. In far more interesting news, I did some guest art for Prestwick over at Hard Graft, where I have an Aberdonian accent for no apparent reason. I just want to make it clear here that I have never said “fits poppin’” in my life. 😐 Also, excitingly, Red Moon Rising has been spotlighted over at TGT Webcomics, and I am pretty damn thrilled about it! Hopefully there should be some concept art forthcoming since I need to magically learn how to draw airships by this time next week, but for now the new vote incentive is just the sketchy underpainting for this page. Only the last panel was inked and cel-shaded, so working on the page felt a bit more free-form than usual.
  It sort of hurts to take a perfectly good fully rendered panel like the first one and blur it out, but them’s the breaks. I think it gives the panel more depth. The new vote incentive is a 100% zoom shot of Galak’s face in the second panel – you can get some idea of the size I work at and how much detail there actually isn’t. Also, here’s the step-by-step process for page 31. I grabbed the images for a university presentation and thought people might find it interesting or helpful or something. I’ll add it to the gallery later, for now it’s just raw links: 1234567891011121314151617
Sorry for the late update, I just could not get that background painted quickly for the life of me. Though as usual, it’s still Monday, so “late” is relative. I’ve still got my eye on that Baconnaise. Speaking of which, half way! Whooo! Happy 30 pages*, me. I had to dig about for the new vote incentive again, this time round it’s a photo I took near Glasgow cathedral a couple of years ago. I’m pretty rubbish at taking nice photos, but this is the sort of stuff I try and remember to use for architecture references. In other news, TWC has added another new “verify you are a human” thing to the voting procedure, which is sort of a pain. Have fun with that. 😐 *Note from the future: This was originally page 30, I swear I’m not that bad at counting.
Background background backgrounds… And we’re back in Ashul, but with some new characters this time round*. Again, a slightly late update due to coursework deadlines, but fortunately those are all done now, so Monday’s update should be bang on time. The new vote incentive is a zoomed in view of the first panel without the rain and texture overlays, so you can see just how scribbly and detail-free it actually is. Whoo! *Note: This was originally the back end of chapter 2, rather than the start of the prologue. Also, welcome to the comic!