Sorry for the late update, I just could not get that background painted quickly for the life of me. Though as usual, it’s still Monday, so “late” is relative. I’ve still got my eye on that Baconnaise. Speaking of which, half way! Whooo!

Happy 30 pages*, me.

I had to dig about for the new vote incentive again, this time round it’s a photo I took near Glasgow cathedral a couple of years ago. I’m pretty rubbish at taking nice photos, but this is the sort of stuff I try and remember to use for architecture references. In other news, TWC has added another new “verify you are a human” thing to the voting procedure, which is sort of a pain. Have fun with that. 😐

*Note from the future: This was originally page 30, I swear I’m not that bad at counting.


Page 6

2 thoughts on “Page 6

  1. Oh wow. This one and the introduction of the 2nd city… they’re just fantastic. I can *touch* this and run my fingers up and down the doorway.

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