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  1. Oh my gosh, take care Rose! Of course we’ll all wait patiently. Happy birthday, I wish you all the luck, courage and strenght you need to get through every storm 🙂 And lots of your favorite cookies and snacks while you recover!

  2. Oh no! Well, take it easy and get better soon. And happy birthday, or as happy a birthday as one can have with a bad back.

  3. Happy birthday, then !

  4. Late birthday wishes! :O
    I hope Your back will get better soon.

  5. Happy Birthday! Get well soon!

  6. Ow, ow, ow!! Hope you’re feeling better soon and Happy, happy Birthday!!

  7. Happy birthday and good luck with curing your hemorrhoids…
    OK, I may have made up that last part.

  8. Wot, another birthday?
    (Grumble) This would have been a happier birthday if you had been wearing your pneumatic protection-suit and goggles.
    (Sigh) Right then, Happy Birthday and please make a grand recovery!

  9. Happy birthday and I hope your back gets better soon! 🙂

  10. I feel like the Envoy should make an appearance…

    1. I bet he’s going to drop from the airship above Galak very soon.

      1. Nah, we’ve established the Envoy as the all-around bringer of bad news, such as hiatus, delay, sickness, exploded computer parts and the like.

  11. Rooooose, sorry for the incredible lateness of this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOSH DARNIT

    I’m sorry to hear that about your back…Hope you feel better soon! In the meantime, let me just say that the comic has been looking beautiful lately. 8D

  12. Sorry to hear about your back. I had to move to a standing desk for the same reason. I’m throwing something in your tip jar to cheer you up. Back pain is the worst.

  13. Hope your back is feeling better, Rose!!!

  14. Merry Christmas and I hope you feel better.

    1. I second that – merry x-mess to y´all! :-))

      1. Thirded! Hope your back feels better Rose.

  15. Rose Smells

    <3 from Sam

  16. You ok, Rose?

    1. Wondering the same! Sending support and positive vibes your way.

      1. Get better please o.o
        I hope you are okay.

        1. Really hoping the author comes back. Been enjoying this one so far, and I’ve seen so many good comics go on “permanent hiatus” or just disappear into the aether because of problems with the author’s health. 🙁

        2. We’re coming up on two months without a word.
          The back problem was probably serious, (and she might be on the recovery road now,) but you’d think someone could just leave a comment…

        3. A small but helpful update on Tumblr for those who haven’t checked it yet. Hopefully the physiotherapy helps her get better ^^

        4. Thanks! So she’ll be OK as soon as her back thing gets sorted out. (Pinched Nerve? Slipped or herniated disc?)

        5. Hey guys, sorry for not updating on the situation before now. I suppose it would be accurate to say I’ve been wallowing in my misfortune, which I know is very mature of me.

          Anyway, basically nothing has changed, my back is still sore (the diagnosis is “mechanical back pain” which I think means “your back is sore and I am a doctor, take these painkillers”) and I still can’t sit at my desk for very long without making it worse, so I still don’t have an ETA on new pages, unfortunately.

          On the plus side, I’ve been given the option of physiotherapy, so hopefully that should do something. Also a friend of mine did a really nice bit of art for me, so I’ll be posting that up soon.

  17. YAY!

  18. Yay! You’re still in one piece… sort of. Sorry the back pain continues. It is probably one of the trickiest parts of the body to heal. I hope the physiotherapy helps. Sending lots of good juju & healing your way!

  19. I’m sorry things haven’t improved, but I’m so happy we heard from you!! I hope things get better soon. <3

  20. Best wishes to ya 🙂

  21. I’d be a shame for such a wonderful storyline to be cut short. 🙂 I hope you get better soon!

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