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  1. OOOOO awesome steampunk hand!!! looks wicked cool, copper and everything! woot!!! Long time lurker, first time poster! Love the comic! Keep up the great job, the art is fantastic!!!

    1. Thanks! I fully intend to. 🙂

  2. Love the consistent reminder of the weather – keeps the atmosphere fresh in my memories. I have issues with the dudes beard though, i think he’s trying to copy mine…

    1. Yeah, I love painting stuff like this, stormy weather is very dramatic and rain in a context like this gives the opportunity for lots of little details to really push the sense of atmosphere. As for the dude’s beard, maybe you’re the one copying him. 😐

  3. My, that is one mighty fine panel of a guy putting on a coat… If there was a ’guy putting on a coat’ award, you’d be winning it hands down!

  4. I’m hoping Beard Guy sticks around more. I want him to say he’s too old for something, or that he’s ready to retire.

    1. Seems like Beard Guy is a unexpected hit. :O

  5. I’m really loving Beard Guy too. And that hand is awesome. Keep up the good work!

    1. Everyone loves Beard Guy, apparently. Thank you!

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