Crap news today I’m afraid – as of this week I’m pulling the update schedule on Red Moon Rising back to Monday/Thursday in order to focus on school work. Sorry about this, but I think the comic will be better for it.

In slightly less crap news, Red Moon Rising was nominated for various Webcomic Readers Choice Awards, which is kind of cool! The categories are now up for a public vote – RMR was nominated for writing, art, new comic and author congeniality, which you can vote for to support the comic.

However, having said that, the folks over at Webcomic Planet are encouraging people to vote based on merit rather than audience loyalty, which is something I support. So consider this an encouragement on my part for you to think really, really long and hard before voting for Red Moon Rising for anything just because I would quite like it if you did. There’s lots of excellent comics that have been nominated right across the board, so… be an informed voter. 🙂 You only get to vote once per category, after all.

A few comics I’ve been reading recently which deserve consideration: Garanos, Moon Town, October 31st, Dovecote Crest, Marsh Rocket, Hard Graft, and The Zombie Hunters, among others.

So go forth and read webcomics! …and then head over and vote for the ones you actually like the best.


Page 114

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  1. Is it just me or does Adrianna get the eyebrow raise reaction from a -lot- of people?

    1. It’s a natural gift of hers.

  2. We obviously we can’t vote for author congeniality because anyone who actually knows you knows your a giant bitch \o_o/

    Also, i demand more concept artwork for -you know what-

    Trust me, you’ll have a lot of options

    1. I like how this comment was pretty much “you’re a bitch, now draw me things”. Maybe you can just draw your own damn concept art, huh

  3. Hi! Nice update, i really like the vivid haircolour! 🙂

    As for the vote: i’m already following like 30-40 webcomics reguralry, and still don’t know the majority of the nominees, however some of my favs do appear on the list (such as RMR 🙂 ). As i like each & every one of said comics i cannot really participate. Having this in mind please forgive me that i don’t give you a vote, but consider +1 definitely for art and new comic! Based on merit, not loyalty… 🙂 (As i don’t know exactly what the author cong means.. :S)

    1. In regards to Author Congeniality, it means how does the author interact with their readers. Are they easy to talk with. Do they respond to comments on their website, Twitter, Email. Stuff like that 🙂

      Voting this year is just as tough if not tougher than last year’s WCRCA 🙂

      – Kurt Sasso
      TGT Webcomics Podcast Host
      WCP Editor

    2. No worries, I’m not too fussed about the voting to be honest. And I don’t want anyone voting for me unless they honestly think I deserve it in that category, so you’re doing alright by me. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. another interesting page; we once again see a spark of Adrianna’s fiery temper; but it does seem rapidly quenched by Galak’s words concerning the Colonel’s wishes.

    Did I also correctly sense something between Adrianna & Galak? Could there perhaps be the beginnings of a relationship working here?

    1. Bah ha ha ha. XD Shippers already! It doesn’t take long!

      1. I’ll say! Didn’t expect them this early myself. XD

    2. For some reson I like Galak. And Adrianna is just… cool 🙂 It would be nice to see them together not punching each other for a change… 😉

      1. Well, I can promise that at least!

    3. Not sure about a relationship, but possibly a step up from brawling at least. All shall be rrrrrevealed as the comic progresses. 😀

  5. Ohhh, romance?

    1. Haha, I like that not-nose-punching equates to potential romance. No spoilers, you’ll just have to keep reading. 🙂

  6. nominated for that many categories?
    well you certainly deserve each of them
    i wish you luck with that

    and dont worry about the update thing
    if its so you dont have to skip classes then i think its alright
    the pages are worth the wait

  7. You know, I’d gathered from Twitter that you often had a draw by night, sleep by day schedule these days, and I was wondering how you managed to combine that with classes. So, it’s actually a good thing that you’re dropping the update schedule back to twice a week, because classes really are more important (even if they might be less fun ;))

    Congrats on the nominations! 😀 I voted for you in two out of four categories. Out of all the webcomics I read, there’s only one that I think has slightly better art and writing than RMR, and it happened to be nominated in both those categories alongside you. So, since it had to be a genuine non-loyalty vote, I couldn’t pick RMR in those categories. Sorry! You still have my vote for author congeniality and favorite new comic 🙂

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t keeping an especially good schedule. it’s my last year of university, I should be trying a bit harder than I have been up until now. Plus I’m trying to fill out the pages a bit more and they’re taking proportionally longer, but hopefully every update should be worthwhile, which is something I wasn’t too sure was happening before this chapter.

      Thanks! No worries about the voting, that was pretty much exactly what I was encouraging in my post, and it’s nice that you voted for me at all. 😀 Art and writing are particularly tough categories too, and RMR still a bit of a fledgling comic, so I’m not really expecting much of a coup there. So many tough competitors!

  8. I’m having issues voting in some categories because it’s so haaard, so many comics O_O and I actually started reading MORE new ones because of this…I read a billion zillion webcomics. Holy crap, spellcheck recognizes “zillion” as a word.

    RMR is certainly one of the new comics I read this year that stuck out to me, anyway. <3

    Hey! Maybe updating less is better for your comic indeed. Give more thought to number of panels per page, maybe? Or something.

    1. I know what you mean, extremely tricky to make a final choice! Lots of really good comics up for the vote. And thanks! 🙂 Voting and awards aside, it’s just nice to have people reading and enjoying RMR.

      That’s what I’m hoping as far as the update schedule goes – starting with this chapter I’ve been much more careful with my thumbnailing and page layouts. I’m not sure how obvious it is, but I’ve been trying to fit more in the page and make sure something actually happens in each page, but they are taking longer to draw as a result, since the average panel count has gone way up. I think the comic is a looking a bit healthier for it, though. I feel a bit less like it’s plodding along. That might just be me, though? Hurrr pacing.

  9. Ok and I meant to post this like way earlier as I’m catching up reading everything, but I LOVE that she’s a redhead. But I’m biased. Also I really like the way you do her hair. Little things amuse me.

  10. Punch in the face = true love.

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